Users of jailbroken iPhones report unauthorized access to their credit cards, PayPal, social media

Users of jailbroken iPhones report unauthorized access to their credit cards, PayPal, social media
For all its stability and snappiness, iOS has its drawbacks. One of them is the fact that Apple's operating system is pretty limited, or “closed off”, in terms of what the users and app developers are allowed to do with it. That's the price to pay for a reliable device, some would say, while others are happy to jailbreak their handset and bask in the glory of app sideloading and complete customizations.

Unfortunately, an issue with the latest Pangu jailbreak — one of the most popular jailbreak methods, due to the fact that it allows for the process to be completed with no USB connection to a PC — may give non-jailbreakers the perfect reason for a heavy “I told you so!”. Apparently, users of this exact jailbreak have spotted unauthorized access to their debit and credit cards, PayPal, and even Facebook accounts.

There's a bit of a chaos going on — some are pointing at the Pangu team for being behind this, others say that the 25PP app (it's a 3rd party app store) that comes with the jailbreak is the malicious one. But no exact culprit has been found yet.

The Pangu team took to Twitter and even registered a verified account on Reddit to address the situation. The developers openly say that both they and the people behind 25PP (which are the AliBaba group) “would be stupid” to try and hack users' sensitive information, effectively chasing them away from the tools.

So, it's all a big mess at the moment. The best we could say before this situation is resolved – jailbreakers, beware, do extra-careful research before downloading anything, and let's hope this information leak doesn't lead to any heavy losses for somebody out there.

source: Twitter, Reddit (1, 2)



1. libra89

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2. Unordinary unregistered

This has already been debunked days ago. Late "news story", and false reporting, but I'll give you highschool authors a C+ for effort :)

3. Crispin_Gatieza

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Oops, I could've had a BlackBerry.

4. TechieXP1969

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That's what you stupid fools get. if you want a phone you can fully customize, Android is the way to go. You rather take a mobile platform that is already the least secure, and make it even more so by jail breaking. I personally got so sick of doing that. I did considering jailbreaking my iPad. So glad I didn't. I don't even use it enough to even waste time doing so.

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