User-made patch allows Milestone multi-touch browser to be ported over to DROID

User-made patch allows Milestone multi-touch browser to be ported over to DROID
The guys at AllDroid have done it again. This time they have developed a ptach that replaces the browser on the Motorola DROID with the version on its overseas sister, the Milestone. While both handsets offer multi-touch capabilities, only the latter device does so in the browser. With this patch, currently in beta, you will be able to pinch to zoom on your DROID to your heart's content. And for those who need incentive or just don't realize how cool a multi-touch browser is, the accompanying video should set you straight. DROID owners, get your pinching fingers ready and head to the source link.

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source: AllDroid via Engadget




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or you could just go to google's market and download Dolphin browser which is free anyway. me personally id rather just double tap the screen. the whole pinch zoom aspect needs to hands to implement. i downloaded dolphin and ended up just sticking with droid pre-installed browser. different strokes for different folks i suppose.

3. vzwman

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4. *HOVA*

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Pinch and zoom is just nice to really get closeup depending on your search. Double tap is awesome but sometimes pinch and zoom comes in handy.

2. je2345

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the guys at alldroid are awesome! I just installed the newest port over of 2.1 ROM with the Milestone Multitouch and so far this ROM is amazing! Very fast with nice animations and near perfect multitouch in the default browser. Dolphin Browser is nice but if I can have all features in one app, then I would rather have that rather than extra apps taking up memory.

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