UTStarcom Knick will launch as AT&T Quickfire

UTStarcom Knick will launch as AT&T Quickfire
A previously reported device, UTStarcom's Knick, has been renamed as the Quickfire and the name sits well with the fact that it will bring the user an easy messaging experience.

The feature set will include a 1.3 megapixel camera, the ability to send/receive email, mobiTV, AT&T Navigator and a touch screen. The device will support quad-band frequencies for GSM/EDGE and dual-band for 3G.

The Sidekick look-a-like will be available in three colors: gray, orange and green. The price point is speculated to be $99.99 after a 2 year contract. It is expected to hit the stores late this month.

source: EngadgetMobile



1. b-dog unregistered

i luv this phone to bad it is going 2 att and not vzw

10. unregistered

this phone is awesome for 100 bucks a touchscreen and a full keyboard

16. unregistered

ooo where did u buy it i wanna go buy on but where is it??? tell me at taperox@comcast.net

25. unregistered

it didnt come out yet... later this month *october.. or november. and i love this phone too. i'm debating between the pantech matrix or this phone.

31. unregistered

same here funny thing is i went to tha at&t store and i was going to buy the matrix but my contract had 4 more days on it so i have to wait till friday then today i hears about the quickfire and im trying to debate i think i might go with the quickfire because it has bigger buttons my fingers are to big for the matrix so are manys

36. unregistered

Four days and they wouldn't let you upgrade? I'd have called the manager out and made a scene...but I guess you're a pussy that gets walked over continually.

37. unregistered

y'know, not all of us have to be emotionally unstable...and really, no need to call names. i guess some people have certain appointments to take care of. hope your mom gives you your meds on time or you'll have to have another APPOINTMENT....

38. unregistered

Do you know if this phone has a 9 digit keypad on the touch screen that you can use for texting like in the LG voyager for verizon??

39. unregistered

Does the touch screen on the quickfire have the 9 digit keypad used for texting like the voyager?

40. makesmehappy

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 27, 2008

>>>"i luv this phone to bad it is going 2 att and not vzw" verizon already has its share of good phones. why complain now?

41. unregistered

You should get the quickfire. Its got wifi internet and the matrix is just a messaging phone (if you are in to the "just messaging" thing). And not to mention its way bigger and it has a touchscreen with the push out querty keyboard, the matrix is $80 and the quickfire is $100, so why not spend $20 more for a way better phone? I agree with what you say about big fingers, the quickfire is made for people with bigger hands. And I also heard it will not be coming out in late october (which is now) but november, hopes its not late november because I'm dying to get this phone!!! So if you ask me, I'd get the quickfire.

43. unregistered

I looked at the matrix. Not as good as i thought it would be. its really thick and the keyboard isn't that great.

44. unregistered

Comes Out November 11!!!!

54. unregistered

I looked at the matrix and it felt cheap. It is also a great looking phone though

56. unregistered

i'm debating between the two of those as well

2. Jyakotu unregistered

It's the AT&T version of T-Mobile's Sidekick! And that's not a bad thing.

20. unregistered

but with a touch screen

24. Jyakotu unregistered

Even better!!! I will make sure to upgrade to this phone ASAP!!!

3. unregistered

this phone will be easy to sell

4. Armo unregistered

u sure it has a touch screen? everywhere else i read about this they didnt mention a touch screen. and i doubt it is considering the price tag.

6. mike. unregistered

it has to have a touch screen. i dont see a d-pad or trackball anywhere.

7. unregistered

True, also, people seem to be in this illusion that touch screen phones must cost a lot of money. The truth is that they are very cheap to make, but the hype of the iphone and its pricing just made it the "it" feature. Therefore right now touch screen phones are relatively pricey. They'll come down eventually, as did camera phones. Remember when something like an LG VX6000 cost $150? Its all got to do with what people want.

13. iamshawn unregistered

well, there's more than one type of touchscreen. The screens for the iphone, Blackberry Storm, and Tmobile G1 have capacitive screens that actually do cost more to produce. Most of the other touch screen phones have resistive screens.http://www.phonearena.com/htmls/Touchscreen-technologies-in-phones-article-a_3067.html

5. unregistered

well the lg vu is touch screen as well and it only $99 bucks at best buy with no mail in rebate..... so it could be...

8. cool dude unregistered

is this a smatphone?

9. unregistered

not a smart phone, so you can get the 15 dollar data plan, as opposed to the 30 pda plan. also, check out the pantech matrix, we just got it in stores on thursday. and keep an eye out for what htc has for us. (ps, i work at att)

17. unregistered

ahh where do buy this phone i want it

11. borg unregistered

yes this device has a touch screen, and no its a dumb phone. i got a chance to mess with one the other day, i know some people who know some other people.

12. unregistered

Are you serious? Only 100 bucks for a touchscren and QWERTY keyboard. ANDDD it comes in orange. I love you AT&T.

46. unregistered

That's EXACTLY how I feel! My dream phone come true, and it's actually for AT&T insead of Verizon! It's a miracle!

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