*UPDATED* Centro to go blue, cost less green

*UPDATED* Centro to go blue, cost less green
Palm announced that the Centro will be coming to AT&T in electric blue starting this Friday (the timing is, um, a bit odd) and is getting a price cut.  They didn't say just how deep the cut would be, so we'll have to wait for Friday for the full details.  No word on if the price cut will be across the board or just on the GSM version, but given that the CDMA flavor offers a bit more- most notably 3G data- we'd be surprised to see it drop any lower.

Update: $69.99

Palm Centro Specifications | Review

source: Palm via Gizmodo



1. unregistered

I wonder how the color is going to look on the phone, because the picture looks cool (well the color looks cool not the phone).

2. unregistered

this phone is a POS! i had it for 3 weeks and it was freezing up, dropping about 10 calls a day (no exaggeration) sometimes it wouldn't even make the call. i was trying to give it a chance but it was so frustrating that i took it back, got an iphone and ihaven't had not one dropped call. Don't buy the centro its crap!

3. Reason unregistered

The reason the phone sucked is because you have AT&T, flat out. My brother hast his phone for verizon and it is fantastic. I just wish palm would update the OS, or palm won't last the next couple years.

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