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*UPDATE* Niagara: CDMA BlackBerry 9000

0. phoneArena posted on 06 May 2008, 13:08

RIM appears to be prepping a CDMA 9000 as well as a more affordable GSM counterpart...

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. HeyTreTre (unregistered)

Why would anyone in 2008 want a non 3g device Thats just STUPID, well unless its for tmobile. LMAO

posted on 05 May 2008, 13:43

2. jrcrow (unregistered)

I have a BB Curve and honestly cant tell the difference between 3G and Edge as far as service coming from ATT-->if both phones are with all service bars..milliseconds make the difference, if not so then 5 seconds maybe..you ONLY need 3g internet if you use internet which I only activated it on 2 lines to get a discount on my BB Curve..other than that..no need/purpose for me..lol!..you dont need 3g service to text/2 way people Jrcrow79

posted on 05 May 2008, 13:45

3. jrcrow (unregistered)

I would actually suggest getting a curve over BB 9000 due to the spaces in the keyboard which make texting very efficent..as apposed to pressed 3 keys at once with the BB 9000..ONLY get the 9000 if you NEED wifi/3G service..other than that thats about it..the BB Curve 4.5 OS will be designed as the same version as the OS 4.6 for the 9000. Jrcrow

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