UK pulls iPhone 3G ad

UK pulls iPhone 3G ad
So it turns out you can't advertise "all the parts of the internet" when your product does not, in fact, include all the parts of the internet, and the UK Advertising Standards Authority has pulled the iPhone 3G ad which makes that very claim. Mobile Safari is great and all, but much of the internet is based off of Adobe's Flash technology, and well, the iPhone doesn't support that (or Java.) Now how about someone take a look at that "half the price" claim?

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1. unregistered

They should pull the add by calling it a phone lol...seems like it can't even do that right

2. unregistered

lol, i second that! good call!

3. ` unregistered

waits for the i phone Stan

4. Simdes unregistered

The ad seems to show the less attractive reasons why someone would buy it... It's a multimedia device, first and foremost. Lol at Tommies.

5. unregistered

i love seeing the iphone bashed! this is the best day ever. now i just want to see all those worthles phones (if u can call it a phone) recalled!

6. unregistered

Well in that case shouldn't they also pull all the ads for phones adevertising "Web Browsing"?. Because the iPhone isn't the only device that cannot display Flash files and some Java files. Some of the best phones out there unfortunately cannot display Flash files. This makes no sense to me.

7. unregistered

there a difference all the parts of the web and web browsing two way different things

9. unregistered

I know right, advertising it can display "all parts of the internet" is very misleading, just like saying they have "the best 3g coverage." Last time i checked they did NOT have the BEST 3g coverage, it was VZW that did.

8. unregistered

they should pull the iphone all together

10. Ha Ha HA unregistered

The i phone Is the Xbox 360 of phones,unrelable xpencive paper weight

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