U940 branded as the Samsung Q-Ball for Verizon

This article contains unofficial information.
U940 branded as the Samsung Q-Ball for Verizon
It appears that Verizon is preparing the Samsung U940 for a potential Q1 release under the name "Q-Ball".
It is similar to the GSM F700 sold by Vodafone in Europe, as shown in our preview. However, there are some noticeable differences. The U940 has a 2MP camera (3MP on F700), and will have a different User Interface for Verizon integration. We are not sure that the Q-ball will be the name for the phone with Verizon, but the German Samsung site shows the GSM F700 as the Samsung Qbowl.

PhoneArena was the first to provide you with exclusive images of the U940 last November.

source: Engadget Mobile



24. Adam unregistered

yeah... I also spoke to a verizon rep. About the options for the voyager and she also told me about the voyager having smartphone capabilities...so sean...get YOUR facts straight!

23. David unregistered

this is to sean! just a week ago i went to the verizon store and was finding out stuff about the voyager. then when i asked about the U940 they just pointed me into the direction of the i760 or something and i asked them what the benefiet of having a smartphone would be and then they told me if i liked the voyager that they could program it to be a smartphone. i dont know if this is true but that is what the vzw rep. told me.

22. matrix2004 unregistered

21. DJ C unregistered

I dont know why all yall are trippin. Dis phone is going to be hard reguardless. When it comes out imma cop it 4 real!

20. ToOL unregistered

Just and FYI a small bird told me this phone could be out as soon as next month. I dont have any spec's yet but just wanted everyone to know this

19. Sean unregistered

When mentioned in my last post that kon.cept said you could set the Voyager to "smart". That was a mistake as I was referring to David's post, not kon.cept's. But still, you both are posting entirely incorrect information.

18. Sean unregistered

To you people who keep talking about this phone being a PDA, I suggest you check out Vodaphone's site. You'll find the F700 (basically the same thing as this), which you can clearly see is NOT a PDA. Get your facts straight PLEASE. And to kon.cept, you are completely confused and think you know what you're talking about but don't. You can not set the Voyager to "smart". Where did you get this from. Sure, the Voyager does have many features similar to PDA's but it lacks certain features to put it into that category. Check your facts. You're wrong, buddy.

17. David unregistered

BLAH BLAH BLAH.....You all are retards! the voyager is a "dumb" phone but you Can have it set as a PDA or smartphone!!! This phone is going to work the same way.... so if you want a Smart or "dumb" phone this one will do both!

16. kon.cept unregistered

this ph is going to be a pda because all of vzw handsets have the nav keys with ok button and the pda's dont....this ph will pda cuz it wouldnt make sense for vzw to come out with 2 diff voyager type phs...come on now!. i was going to get the voyager but im a pda/smartph guy so im going to wait.

15. me unregistered

the phone looks 10 times better than the vger to me. if it has all the same feats as the vger i'm sold.

14. Tevester523 unregistered

the u940 is in no way a PDA type device. Its more or less exactly like the Vger but with a sliding keyboard. Please don't post misleading information. Yes, the Voyager is a great phone. But the u940 is designed for people that want sliders and not flips. I've personally been waiting for this for months, and have been holding off on the Voyager to get it.

13. Ledcke unregistered

I was not under the impression that it was a pda either. In fact I was under the impression it would be more voyager-ish.

12. unregistered

Who said this was gonna be a PDA??

11. unregistered

if you bought a voyager why are you now interested in a pda??? a voyager IS NOT a pda, it is a regular phone with alot of options. If you are looking to just view word docs and such, the voyager will do that... but it is not a PDA. why are you whining that you got the ultimate regular phone and now a pda is comming out? are you not sure what you bought? You have 30 days to return a phone and exchange it if you dont like it, so make your choice!

10. tipster unregistered

that is the question all the phones on this page that they mention all had "VX" in front of them but if u notice none of the ones they mentions have a "VX" so it is a good change that could be the differance

9. unregistered

I just bought a voyager, crap y couldn't they announce this earlier

8. LordObento unregistered

Have you ever seen a AT&T or T-mobile LG phone on a CDMA carrier or vice-versa. LG makes phones for the carrier, they don't whore themselves out with razr/krzr everywhere. Dont expect to see a Shine Slider on VZW.

7. nickjoedotcom unregistered

If you consider the VX9100 to follow the flip phone series or sliding series phones from LG has it might be a pretty sweet upgrade. For example the flip phones 8100, 8300, 8600 and 8700 (worth mentioning I might add) And sliders being the 8500 and 8800. My bet is it's something like the Shine slider that at&t just picked up, but with upgraded specs (at least I hope so).

6. 00VZW unregistered


5. *-*-* unregistered

If you have looked at the other postings, the VX9100 was just discovered on the FCC's website, it is a LEGIT phone!

4. Sammo unregistered

Yo nonbeliever, your totally right! The LG 5400 was released last month and the LG 9800 is what i just got rid of after 3 years of use. Why the hell would they make a LG 9100 model going down in number after they had the 9800? This is an absolute fountain of misinformation. It's an absolute insult to the people's intelligence.

3. unregistered

I cringe when I read that!!! I hope they dont screw this phone up.

2. unregistered

Verizon info on he German site???

1. nonbeliever unregistered

take a look at the other models. the 5400 has been released by vzw last month as a bag3 and the 9800 has been discontinued for ages. and the vx9100???? nothing has ever been released regarding this model.

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