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Typical teardown treatment performed on iPhone 3G S

Typical teardown treatment performed on iPhone 3G S
It's no surprise that Rapid Repair would be on hand for the launch of the iPhone 3G S and give it their usual special treatment. Not every device will warrant a full step-by-step instructions on how to carefully take apart a device ever so carefully. The iPhone 3G S got that specific treatment – so now you can see in glory the inner workings of it. The team over at Rapid Repair got their hands on one at a midnight opening over at an Orange Boutique in France. From there, they quickly photographed and recorded for all the world to see their crafty operation of another iPhone device. Just keep in mind to have the proper tools they mention on their site at hand if you plan on performing the same procedure.

Apple iPhone 3G S Specifications

source: Rapid Repair via Engadgetmobile

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