Two new WM6 smartphones offered with Fido

Two new WM6 smartphones offered with Fido
The Canadian wirelessprovider Fido gives to its customers two new Windows Mobile 6 Standardsmartphone choices. The Samsung JACK (the carrier’s variant of the BlackJack IIthat AT&T offers) and the Motorola Q 9h are both with QVGA landscapedisplay and full QWERTY keyboards on the front side. Both are quad-band GSMwith tri-band UMTS/HSDPA 3.6 support, with 2-megapixel cameras (Q9h has flash)and stereo Bluetooth support. Although the JACK also has integrated GPS, comesfor $225, which is $50 less than the $275 for the Q9h (both prices require3-year contract with data plan).

Samsung JACK Specifications | Review

Motorola Q9h Specifications | Review

Source: Fido (Q9h, |JACK) via PhoneMag



1. Goombalala unregistered

At first I wondered why they decided to cal it the "JACK" in Canada.... but then I realised that is was because of the lawsuit from Blackberry (which was invented by a Canadian, so..).

2. DeeBee unregistered

Offtopic: i've noticed that recently phonearena is covering news about canadian carriers, which is very nice. Keep it that way dudes

3. Sean unregistered

At Goombalala: I also wondered why they changed the name to JACK, then realized it was because of RIM's ridiculousness. Sure, the name Blackjack is somewhat similar to Blackberry, but for some reason I really doubt Samsung did this intentionally. I really think it was just coincidence, but hey, what you gonna do.

4. unregistered

i guess they did it to keep it different from AT&T!

5. bizman unregistered

so i need a smartphone to replace a fido phone i already have... out of the 2 smartphones available under fido, which one should i get??

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