Truphone launches low-cost option for BlackBerry phones

Truphone launches low-cost option for BlackBerry phones
Need to call loved ones overseas, but the thought of the high costs sends chills up your spine? Truphone has you covered. Launched today, Truphone Anywhere for BlackBerry smartphones allows for inexpensive calls internationally.

When one dials an international extension, Truphone detects the number and offers the option of connecting via its program. Once the user chooses to do so, Truphone dials into a local server, and from there, it calls the international number and merges it with the local call, thus using your local minutes.  Of course, you do have to pay Truphone per minute as well, but it is significantly cheaper than a carrier's international calling prices.

The software is available for download at Truphone's website, or at Handango's online store.

source: Truphone via SlashPhone



1. unregistered

i dont call overseas but thats sick

2. primewax unregistered

I wish I could tell customers about this, but alas, I doubt VZW would be happ about

3. T-Money3000 unregistered

do it secretly.....hahaha.

4. unregistered

you should just tell them. I work for VZW and I will probably tell people. You don't want to actively promote it but if someone asks....

6. unregistered

Well its not like its a big secret either, use it as a sales tool and as long as it works, they shouldn't care.

7. unregistered

I work for VZW too, and I know Im going to start telling customers about

8. some guy unregistered

if it comes down to selling a BB with the required unlim data or not, big red would be much obliged that you bring this up, ask your local DSC if you doubt me :)

9. cubsguy818 unregistered

i work for sprint and im gonna tell everyone haha

14. unregistered

read carfully u still pay for long distance and u need to pa per min to truphone . double charge wow

5. unregistered

Why are always these cool features for blackberry, but i'm not cool enough to need them :(

10. unregistered

LOL @ #5

11. unregistered

how much do you think it is per minute to tru phone

12. unregistered

Verizon Corporate Employees In The West Area..... Are there other websites that we can access besides Phone Arena and Phone Scoop? Thank You.

13. unregistered

nice program but CDMA Nokia's have had this for a long time now, it's called the calling card feature, where u just edit a calling card info in the phone n make calls through that. and looking at the rates you're better off using a calling card...

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