Traffic app for Android uses Augmented Reality

Traffic app for Android uses Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is quickly becoming a hot Android tool. Like the Layar browser that uses the technology to show you links to real life items while you pan with your handset's camera, the AR technology can be quite useful in terms of getting a hold on the traffic. Augmented Traffic Views uses the AR technology to show up a list of all of the traffic cameras in the direction that you are driving. Tap on one and you will see the latest live picture derived from the traffic cam. A predictive traffic mode will show you the images taken from traffic cams that the software guesses that you will be passing through. Right now, the service is available only in Toronto. The app is free at the Android market.

source: Wired


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1. MTLance unregistered

Wow, this feature is way better than iPhone Tom Tom App. And I think Android is really making it big soon.

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