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Tow truck driver causes accident by texting and driving

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Tow truck driver causes accident by texting and driving
With Senators in Washington D.C. pushing for a nationwide bill to ban texting while driving, 25 year old tow truck driver Nicholas Sparks gave the lawmakers some more ammunition to work with. Mr. Sparks was driving his flatbed truck through the streets of Lockport, New York while he admittedly was texting and talking on his cellphone. The truck hit another car which forced Sparks' vehicle to crash through a fence, side-swipe a house and land in an above-ground swimming pool.

The 68 year old woman who was driving the car suffered head injuries, although she is now in good condition. Her niece, an 8 year old passenger in the auto, had minor injuries. Sparks was charged with reckless driving, talking on a cellphone and following too closely. And for the Senators on Capitol Hill, it's another example of what they are trying to prevent with their proposed law.

source: Yahoo

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