Touchscreen Nokia in the second half of 2008

Touchscreen Nokia in the second half of 2008
Nokia’s head of devices Kai Oistamo hinted the introduction of touchscreen phones before the end of the year. The only touch Nokia we know about is the mid-range 5800 XpressMedia (a.k.a Tube), so it will probably be the first one to hit the market. There will also be solutions in the other ranges from high to low-end.

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Nokia S60 Touch Interface



1. unregistered

Ummm lets see.... 1st the software is very appealing to the eye, good color combinations i like it seems simple :) 2nd i know the lady said this is a prototype or whatever but its SO SLOW.....and i'm sorry as a past Nokia user all of MY phones seemed to crap out and freeze or they were always FREAKING loading....thats why i no longer buy nokia 3rd its about damn time that Nokia comes out with a Touch screen i mean come on aren't they supposed to be one of the biggest cell phone manufacturers???? i'm done here `peace

2. unregistered

S60 touch screen Nokia? This might be awesome! I hope they don't overprice it like that excuse for a phone N95.(God, I hate it so much!)

3. husher unregistered

hush, the n95 was a great godly like phone, hater

4. ok unregistered

That phone is way over price bud I would never pay that much for a nokia phone even if I had the money which I Do.

12. unregistered

Yes, that outrageous price of "$???" is very high

14. C-Chickie unregistered

Wow you know something we dont know and wanna share? Because apparently you know the price and we all INCLUDING phone arena dont know. I would expect the price too look around 210ish before rebates... or if we're lucky high hundreds. I am leaning more towards the 200's though. Anyone else have any price estimates?

5. unregistered

Looks cool but I wonder if Nokia will be as innovative and polished with their UI as other market competitors, then again they are Nokia :)

6. Coty unregistered

This phone is shown in the new "Dark Knight" movie. I just left the theater from watching and it is great!

7. unregistered

yup, i saw the movie last night also and noticed the phone.

8. unregistered

Same I now want one.

11. supahnovah unregistered

i knew it.. i too watched dark knight and when i saw the phone used by fox i was like that's not an iphone ( at 1st glance).. then they showed it again and i saw it was nokia (written on the phone).. i was like am i seeing it right? is it really nokia? a touch phone??.. well well.. it is!! hope this one is a good one.. coz right now i cant make up my mind if im gonna get an iphone .. coz honestly im not a fan of apple ^__^ ..its just that people around me are pressuring me to get an iphone coz its in... so HOPEFULLY this one is worth the wait..

9. toni unregistered

I hope they will put 8MP With ISO 800 Optical Zoom3X and better Video quality with real 30p/s on S60 touch .So please Nokia do this to be perfect phone.

13. unregistered

not likely...

10. ZAK unregistered

Sounds.. intresting to me... but i have already seen one touch screen mobile from Nokia it was N95 8 GB this wasn't from INDIA my friend imported it from Dubai ;)

15. unregistered

That's not a real Nokia, its a clone with the touch screen added.

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