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Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder to launch in Q3?

0. phoneArena posted on 13 May 2008, 09:44

The first image of what is supposed to be the first touchscreen BlackBerry appeared, with the codename Thunder and information that Verizon and …

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posted on 03 Jun 2008, 22:16

83. (unregistered)

this is so fake. its just the bold thats been altered to look like it has a touch screen.

posted on 16 Jun 2008, 20:11

87. (unregistered)

Actually your comments are innacurate in many forms, first off, the networks that sprint and verizon operate on are not 4g. Europe and Japan are being updated to 4G. 3 & 4G are opperated on a GSM platform where companies such as ATT, T-Mobile, Suncom, etc opperate on. Verizon and Sprint operate on a currenty faster network formed by TDMA. However 3/4 G networks are the next higher speed/quality networks, and are more advnaced than TDMA, hence why you see Japan using 3/4G GSM. As for who is bigger better etc, the companies are allways changing and failing, Verizon is in the process of buying out Altel, wich after they are done will cause them to beat ATT as the largest carrier in the United States. Sprint is one of the lowest on the ladder, they fall short on the list right now, and the company is not doing well, and they do not have international funds. T-Mobile for example is not one of the largest in the US, but typically holds the second place in the world as the largest, they just don't have the presence in the US yet. Please, if you are going to post in a blog, have at least some experience or real knowlege before spreading rumors and false information, and as allways do not make your biased choices based on tv commercials, start looking at third party resources such as jd powers or consumer reports.

posted on 07 Sep 2008, 14:23

93. no name (unregistered)

I would like to know why the blackberry thunder won't be available for sprint customers because lately sprint came out with dumb phones that don't want probably and us sprint customers do deserve a high quality good phone like the blackberry thunder phone.... so sprint stop playing around and do what you need to do OK!!!!!!!!

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