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TouchWiz Nature UX Overview on the Galaxy S III (video)

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TouchWiz Nature UX Overview on the Galaxy S III (video)
With the Samsung Galaxy S III the Android phone maker introduced the newest version of its interface overlay over Ice Cream Sandwich called TouchWiz Nature UX. Nature, of course, hints at the Natural Interaction capabilities of the handset, which are a centerpiece of Samsung's new strategy for a holistic approach towards hardware and software.

TouchWiz is more streamlined here in the Galaxy S III, and at the same time has gained plenty of new features like the S Voice communication user-phone, the ability to watch a video picture-in-picture while doing something else, and many other innovative features.

Have a gander at the new TouchWiz Nature UX that will be coming with the Samsung Galaxy S III, and please don't jump when the display units alarm gets set off - these are the risks of live events we are willingly taking on our fragile shoulders.

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