Touch Pro passes through FCC on the way to AT&T, renamed Fuze

Touch Pro passes through FCC on the way to AT&T, renamed Fuze
The FCC has approved the Touch Pro- code name Raphael- and leaked AT&T documents have shown that nation's largest (and worst) carrier will be renaming it the Fuze.  The cached webpage also reveals that it will be feature BlackBerry Connect, PTT and be compatible with AT&T Navigator, Music and Cellular Video.  Still no word on pricing or availability, but we'd imagine AT&T will not be the first to get the Pro out the door.

HTC Touch Pro Specifications | Review

sources: FCC, Engadget Mobile and WMExperts



1. unregistered

verizon shoves bananas up at&ts ***

3. unregistered

Yo, anonymous I see that your on here a lot. Do you work 4 Verizon? I was also wondering if anybodies heard anything as far as the release date of the HTC Raphael 4 Verizon. I'm thinking of waiting until there is a unlocked one for sale that I can use on Verizon's network. I'm hoping that Verizon really didn't dummy down there phone, but there rep for such actions are already known.

4. unregistered


9. unregistered

I will say this about service for ATT. Although there is no excuse for them to have the worst network at the moment I will say this, they have no other carrier to assist them. The CDMA carriers have each to fall back on when it comes to EVDO. They all pretty much use the same technology so as long as one of them are in the area its nice to have a fall back network. I'm not saying that its like that every where but the CDMA roming agreement are a lot better then GSM. As for ATT, they have no one. It's not like they can use T Mobile cause they are worst then them. After reading a few articles about ATT, they will get their shit straight and when they do GSM and HSPA and soo LTE will be exciting. I read that they are in the process of switching their 3G from their 1900m to their 850m that was once used for TDMA and analog. That should help for better in building converage. Hopefully they will get their head out of their ass and continue the 3G build out. Also if they intend to bump 3G speed to 20 megs per second by the end of 2009 they have a lot of work to do. The one thing about HSPA, it is much more upgradable then EVDO. That is why VZ is in a hurry to get 4G vs ATT. All it takes is a software update to reach HSPA+ and speeds will be between 40 to 70 mps vs EVDO caps out. The true magic will be when both ATT and VZ both have LTE up and running. Service should be like it is in Europe. Dropped calls are not even an issue there due to everyone being on the same tech. From a customer stand point it should be like that here. Not sure why Sprint didn't just accept LTE as well, then again its Sprint. Anyway, with the amount of money ATT brings in, there should be no excuse for the lack of coverage that they have. Luckely where I live they are pretty damn good and actually VZ has the worst as well as lack 3G.

11. DOGIEFRESH unregistered

Guys J.D. power always gonna thumbs up the american brands, if gsm where so bad just tell me why a such of bad tech is the world standart, and J.D. power had the guts to rank american stuff like the ford taurus in 2000 as the best car in america ( YEAHHHH RIGHT ) am not saying att is the best but for sure is not the worst, all those CDMA carriers are so soar because the will never see people lined up days to get one of their crapy phones, you make your own conclusions.......

14. unregistered

The fact that people lines up days to get the iPhone... you can credit that to Apple, not AT&T. Had VZW not declined Apple first, then AT&T customers would have nothing to justify their horrbile service. The fact that AT&T has the iPhone, you can thank VZW for that because it is known that Apple went to VZW first, but was rejected. And what is sooo sad is that people admit AT&T suck "but atleast we have the iPhone," putting alll their hopes and dreams into a flawed device.

16. DOGIEFRESH unregistered

When i see the first CDMA iphone in the world i will believe that quote, there are bigger CDMA networks in asia than VZW and none have been choosen by apple so keep the way CDMA is a service that is dead you see CDMA migrating to GSM and none GSM moving to CDMA so is VZW against the world, tell the europeans and japanese carriers who are way ahead in the cell tech that CDMA is much better, the will laugh very hard at your faces fanboys........

2. unregistered

nation's largest (and worst)

7. unregistered

jd power and assoc. just came out with their ratings, and att did pretty bad. vzw was, of course, great. check it out...

5. unregistered

Were can a unlocked Raphael be found that can work on Verizon's network? Maybe best buy will have one soon, they will have a unlocked GSM verson soon.

19. nickinu unregistered

hey verizon is coming out with the touch pro they just havent released when all the carriers will have it except T MOBILE but sprint att and verizon will

6. unregistered

Is there more info available other then sometime 30 days after Sprint releases there phones. I'm starting to think Verizon's dropped the ball on this one. Maybe there more focused on the new BlackBarry phone.

8. unregistered

PHONE ARENA PWNS ATT LMAO largest and worst....until teh best officially merge with Altell and then they are the second largest and still the first worst

10. durham4556 unregistered

What the hell are you talking about? at&t is the only option for cell phone service... its the best option.. i mean gsm, sim card, you can use unlocked phones. quit hating.. i love phonearena.. and i love at&t, but now my love for phone areana is slacking

12. noneed2know unregistered

VZW is by far better than all the other carriers. Alltel I would say is the 2nd largest with coverage and as soon as VZW oficially acquires will be over. Look at the ratings and VZW's lowest churn rate. I definently agree that VZW doesn't get all the cool phones right away but who wants a Touch on Sprint? It would be like having the Iphone on AT&T. Pointless!! The phone is only as good as the coverage! Most people just want the nice devices that do everything so they can look cool, but it doesn't look so cool if they cant make a phone call. Its funny when two of my friends come over to my house and one has the iphone and the other has a cheap sam340, and the sam340 works great and can make a call and the iphone cant even make a call or access 3G!! I've worked for all carriers and VZW is by the far the greatest...hands down!! Things can only get better for VZW!

13. unregistered

only if att would focus more on covarge in the u.s and not over seas then maybe they would have a chance NO BARS IN MORE PLACES THATS ATT

15. unregistered

AT&T should change their slogan to "Yeah, we suck... but we have the iPhone." Since that is the only thing they have going for them, which isn't such a good thing because the 3G iPhone is chock full'o problems.

17. unregistered

I dont know why everyone keeps bashing AT&T. I've had AT&T for 6 years now and i have never had a service problem... i love AT&T. but i guess it depends on where u live in the US. I live in the northeast(CT) so at&t has coverage everywhere here. Believe it or not, the "greatest" company verizon has the worst... then its T-Mobile. AT&T is the best followed by sprint here. so its gotta be where u live. PLus i like AT&Ts friendliness. I have never had a rude rep. Ill be first to say that i will probably never switch carrier like spoiled ppl who only want the latest and greatest phones. I have my VU, I have AT&T, and im Happy.

18. unregistered

it all depends where u live i rather have att because i can keep unused minutes and not get screwed up the ass by vzw when i go over but where i live there service is horrible i look at att covarge map it looks good then u zoom in to my location and its full of dead zones i mean right up the road full service then my house nothing all withen 500 feet. vzw is the best service out there but they love to take your money. oh and good choice with the vu its a great phone for att and unlike iphone u can send picture messages

20. NickiNu unregistered

i left tmobile to come to att for the iphone and be cause i didnt have good tmobile coverage in my apartment. tomobile services iswas pretty good though anf their phones sucked att is pretty cool to no complaints here...all the complaints i have ever heard from people were from Sprint...

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