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Touch Diamond without Diamonds? Meet HTC P3702 Victor

Posted: , by Nanko R.

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Touch Diamond without Diamonds? Meet HTC P3702 Victor
Touch Diamond without Diamonds? Meet HTC P3702 Victor
Touch Diamond without Diamonds? Meet HTC P3702 Victor
In Taiwan, the home of HTC, the manufacturer offers a new variation of the Touch Diamond, its latest and greatest smartphone. Code-named P3702 Victor, the new phone trades the Diamond-like back cover for more traditional dull black flat one. Getting this you will lose some of the cool look but will not worry that the back of your phone is dirty all the time. Also, it is a pretty decent option for getting a “rare Diamond version”.

via SlashPhone

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

Looks like an unbranded variant on T-Mobile's Diamond.

posted on 21 Aug 2008, 14:31

19. (unregistered)

just for you people saying there is not tmobile diamond u might be right for now but i know for a fact that tmobile is letting this phone out by the holidays so if look for it cause ive seen the actual pictures of the actaul diamond we are getting and its tight the phone is just awesome.

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 11:31

2. (unregistered)

there are two earbuds... for?

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 11:54

3. (unregistered)

Music. Two headphones for music.

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 11:54

4. (unregistered)

Slide keyboard???? I'll buy it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 13:01

5. (unregistered)

um, there is no tmobile diamond

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 13:44

6. (unregistered)

Slide keyboard where are you seeing this? Its all touchscreen no slide keyboard. And yes there is no tmobile diamond.

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 13:50

7. (unregistered)


posted on 14 Jul 2008, 14:33

8. (unregistered)

as stated, it's a diamond and not the pro.

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 15:30

9. (unregistered)

rounded edges? flat black back cover? i smell sprint version...

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 15:58

10. (unregistered)

There is a T-Mobile Diamond, it's in the UK [I don't think it's out yet]. It's the T-Mobile MDA Compact 4 [the Compact 3 is the Touch], as the HTC Touch Pro is going to be the T-Mobile MDA Vario 4 [the Vario 3 is the Kaiser], also in the UK. I'm pretty sure the MDA Vario 4 also has the redesigned back, like this [that means a flat-backed Touch Pro!]. http://www.gsmarena.com/t_mobile_mda_compact_iv_mda_vario_iv-review-252.php Take a look. I think the CDMA Touch Diamond and the this one, the Victor, have the same body. The CDMA Raphael should get the T-Mobile Vario 4's back [which is also the back on the Victor], but instead adding a keyboard.

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 16:04

11. (unregistered)

Ah, I looked at a picture in my link about [comment #10]. In the very last picture [bottom row, furthest to the right], it shows the T-Mobile MDA Compact 4 and the T-Mobile MDA Vario 4 next to each other. The T-Mobile MDA Compact 4 is the HTC Victor! It's just T-Mobile branded. And, the T-Mobile MDA Vario 4 does have the flat-back! I'm pretty sure the T-Mobile MDA Vario 4 will have flash, because the Touch Diamond didn't, but the Touch Pro, did. I hope both of these comments made sense, hahaha.

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 16:39

12. (unregistered)

could this be the variation that sprint will be getting here in the states? here's hoping the htc phone that being released sept. 2nd is the diamond!!! : ) http://www.phonearena.com/htmls/Sprints-Diamond-gets-pictured-article-a_2940.html

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 16:47

13. (unregistered)

Obviously HTC is trying to make some bank the easy way. They have announced and released so many phones over the past year its insane, they just take the same features and change the size and function of the phone, name it differently and sell it to specific countries.

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 18:57

14. (unregistered)

kind of like samsung!

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 19:52

15. C-Chickie (unregistered)

Yes yes yes

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 20:07

16. (unregistered)

Thank god for this redesign. THe diamonds are so CHEAP and TACKY. Maybe designs like that diamond back are considered desirable in certain parts of the world, but not where I'm from. Hurray for the alternate (more mature and sophisticated) design!

posted on 15 Jul 2008, 18:03

17. (unregistered)

the telus version (carrier that will be getting it first in NA), doesnt have the diamond back telus' is just like this one...

posted on 15 Jul 2008, 18:04

18. (unregistered)

http://promo.telusmobility.com/smartphones/index.html?landing=weboffer look for the diamond here, then look at the 360 view... you will notice its rounded back

posted on 11 Aug 2011, 13:22

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