Touch Diamond appears headed to Alltel

What looks to be an official page unofficially appears on the carrier's site...
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31. Ceez unregistered

Verizon bought Alltel for $28.1 Billion. $5 Billion for the company and $22 Bill to pay off their debts.

32. unregistered

k guys heres a little official news. i work for corperate alltel so i have a tad better grasp on this. number one. touch diamond IS comming to alltel date i cannot release but just know its very soon. two. its a 3.2 camera not a 2.0 three i use vzw as my personal line and love them. there customer service is a tad better and while there prices are far more expensive for data plans there are alot more options with vzw. for example. pearl.... cant pic txt with alltel but you can with vzw.

33. unregistered

Thanks for the info. Will the phone have the same specs as the Sprint version? I don't think Alltel would "cripple" the phone like Verizon will likely do.

34. unregistered

honestly we dont know for sure yet i highly doubt it though because were testing the full version of the software that sprint has. I want to say we get the first version oct 19th but there have been some delays.

35. Jordan unregistered

You are now able to preorder this phone on the alltel website for Alltel! It has the accelorometer* and 4 gigs of internal storage, just like Sprint! *sorry if I spelt that wrong.
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