Touch Diamond appears headed to Alltel

Touch Diamond appears headed to Alltel
Not unexpectedly, it looks like Alltel might be next out of the gate with the Touch Diamond.  User overbyc1 at PPCGeeks has unearthed a page for the phone, though it is far from complete.  The specs clearly describe the Touch, not the Diamond, as they list only a 2 megapixel camera, TouchFLO and Windows Mobile 6.0.  There is, however, an official picture of the device.  TouchFLO 3D looks like it will get a slight makeover from the GSM, though it doesn't look to be  as slick as the new diggs found on Sprint.

HTC Touch Diamond CDMA Specifications | Review

source: Alltel via PPCGeeks



1. unregistered

Doesn't matter what Alltel gets, it'll soon be owned by Verizon Wireless!

2. unregistered

well actually it does matter...not only will the phone not be screwed by what verizon does to it, the plan will be a hell of a lot cheaper too.

3. unregistered

^^^wow. It is amazing how people always try to find something to hate about VZW. Just give it up. They are the best carrier!

4. unregistered

if theyre on the best then why do two out of three subscribers choose NOT to use them as their wireless carrier?

5. unregistered

and what are you basing this off of? you are a retard. Verizon has the most subscribers besides att and thats because att is 2 companies merged together.

7. non anonymous unregistered

If they are NOT the best why does 1 out of every 3 subscribers choose verizon wireless over EVERY other carrier.

9. unregistered

The best carrier doesnt take months to realease phones that every other cdma carrier already has. TESTING OR NOT VERIZON NEEDS TO GET OFF THEIR ASS AND START RELEASING PHONES FOR THE BUSINESS SAVY ALREADY.

13. unregistered

verizon screws over UIs buy unlocked phones oh wait, you can't because you can only use CDMA phones HAHAHA LOSERS

14. unregistered

When VZW and Alltel merge, VZW will have more subscribers than AT&T.

15. unregistered

McFly, you can buy an unlocked CDMA phone from South Korea and activate it on VZW. South Korea, home of Samsung and LG, have better CDMA devices than Eurpoean GSM devices... so not only is your arguement old, it's moot. Oh and as far as the UI, another old arguement as VZW has implemented new UIs on many of their current devices (i.e. env2, Motorola w755, LG Voyager, Motorola ZN4, LG Dare... just to name a few). How about you actually go to a VZW store and play with the new phones rather than reitterating what you read on these boards. VZW surpasses all other providers in almost every aspect. The only reason AT&T has customers is because the phones they offer, which says nothing of their service. I don't think people realize how dumb they appear when they rant about their provider being so good based on the devices they carry rather than the level of service the carrier provides. Do they realize, AT&T does not make these phones, they just allow them to be used on their sub-par network. Here is food for thought... offer cool phones to make up for poor service... enable wi-fi to make up for the lack of 3G... release an iPod touch that seconds as a sub-par phone to attract all the Mr. & Mrs. "Me too"... and they eat it all up... well the not-so-smart ones anyway.

17. unregistered

well its a windows mobile vzw's UI won't be on this phone. i'd be more worried about altell aquiring this phone before verizon honestly.

22. unregistered

i wanna know the cost of a cdma tower compared to a gsm tower and there network im thinking that gsm is much cheaper and thats y it is used worldwide when the cdma is less used but provides the best covrage or is gsm more expesive and there arent many towers out there cause there expensive

28. unregistered

#16, look at this link: ".....30 percent of US buyers who bought an iPhone 3G from June to August 2008 switched from other carriers. 47 percent of the switchers came from Verizon,...." Offering good phones DOES have benefits.... Verizon is not happy about this at all, despite having an excellent network. I believe Verizon made a mistake not to offer the iPhone first.

6. unregistered

verizon murders the compitition. period

11. unregistered


18. unregistered

here here.

21. unregistered

Yea they murder.... their phones capabilities

23. unregistered

^^this is one of those kids who can't admit VZW is better than his crappy ATT service.

25. unregistered

#24.... #22 did not say that VZW does not have better service than other carriers, he's saying that VZW cripples their phones, which is true!!! Plus VZW plans cost much more and they're the only cell phone company that doesn't have an after 7 pm unlimited nights and weekends option!!! This is why VZW is not "murdering" the competition as you guys are suggesting, despite having the best cell phone service (which I agree with you on).

8. Worried Reader unregistered

im getting sick of verizon users cunting up EVERY single post on this site. i wish comments would be disabled because they detract from an otherwise great website

26. Another Worried Reader unregistered

I second your suggestion. People want to see relevant and useful comments regarding the Phone Arena article, not about Verizon's service.

10. cartman unregistered

2MP camera? dang. Hope they didn't remove the accelerometer. I would like to officially ask Phonearena to check their visitor's IP addresses to see if the Verizon fanboys are actually employees or affliates of Verizon Wireless (and / or Verizon Communications). I smell something fishy.

19. unregistered

i promise you they are.

24. unregistered

And what if they are? I do not see a point to your comment.

27. doctorPDA unregistered

#25, his point is that people want to see useful comments regarding the Phone Arena article, not about Verizon's service. In this instance, the article is about the Alltel Touch Diamond, not about Verizon!!! Alltel is not going to cripple the Touch Diamond, like Verizon is going to do, that is an example of a pertinent comment. I agree that Phone Arena should change their comments option and only allow people with valid e-mail addresses to comment. This will sway some of these irrelevant and useless comments.

12. to hot unregistered

you petty my man. the reason everyone hates verizon is because it does it best to please their customers. I think way to much, and thats why people complain all the time, people are spolied brats. I am with ATAt and very happy, but i know that verizon is good. If i was not under contract with atat I would swicth when the storm comes out. BB is one the best phones i every had regaurdless of carrier. this might be their best device. Can any one loan me money to break my 5 lines with atat?

16. unregistered

Subscribing to AT&T was a mistake... and as such... you should literally pay for that mistake by breaking the contract and paying the ETF fee. All jokes aside though, if you like AT&T stick with them... at least you are aware you are on a half-baked network... but when your contract ends... use better judgement

20. unregistered

I'm going to say verizon is a great co. who dose what they say and seem to do it right the first time. That aside I have been with alltel for 11 years and i'm vary happy with the service, although at times I may think that the phones could be better, Like this one. with regards the merg i for one am thinking about not staying with verizon for two reasons. 1. the biggist is that I will have to pay 30 or more dollars above and beyond what i already pay for the same service or never renew my contract so i can keep the same plan. (we all love our phones so i dont think that will happen.) 2. Verizon always has this sneeky way of forcing its coustomers to do what vzw wants. (most recent: the forced push to the new data plans witch means for things you may not use.) any way thats what i see when i look at the two companys. TCH

29. unregistered

#21... learn correct grammar and spelling. You are embarassing yourself.

30. me unregistered

I'm kinda psyched about the Verizon merger, but I'd still rather get a Diamond while I'm with Alltel. Isn't the Verizon version supposed to be kinda handicapped?

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