Touch Diamond CDMA hits the FCC

Touch Diamond CDMA hits the FCC
The Touch Diamond has passed through the FCC in CDMA flavor, making September 2nd look like a very good possibility.  Of course it'll be stopping by Canada first on its way to Sprint, and eventually Verizon.  Chatter about the GSM version landing stateside has been pretty non-existant, so it would seem that the CDMA carriers will be the first to offer the Diamond, and maybe the Touch Pro too?

HTC Touch Diamond CDMA Specifications

source: FCC via Engadget Mobile



1. Pholey unregistered

When is Verizon getting this phone?? How much later than Sprint (if Sept 2nd is accurate)?

4. unregistered

I beleive I heard Sprint signed a 2 month exclusivity deal. So expect Verizon to have it by the holiday season

5. unregistered

thats just what it is you believe so when you find out let us know buddy and september 2nd is an expected day now the yime of release so dont anticipate that day but as far as verizon getting hmmm...........that is still a question yet not answered

10. matnessv2 unregistered

im glad that verizon gets some phones ,especally advanced devices, after sprint. im a vzw employee and have worked also for t-mo and att. From my personal experience (and speaking for my custies also) everytime we have released a phone later than sprint, it has worked better and lasted longer. Creating a better overall experience for the customer. To me this is all because of the additional testing our phones go through. p.s. i know it sounds like a sales pitch, but its true.

13. j0esm00 unregistered

You poser that was such a sales pitch. LOL its all good I want the phone as soon as possible but your right I got the Palm 700w when it came out and I think they rushed it for the holiday season and oh boy it was shady, had to reboot at least 4 times a week to keep it going. Every since then though the phones had been very solid even if I had to wait. Dagnabbit tell them not to make me wait so long ;-p

23. unregistered

Hey I have an Idea, how aboutwe stop talking about sprint, there barely a major competitor.

26. j0esm00 unregistered

Right with ya there

2. fabbroc unregistered

YA CANADA!! Finally we get something before the states.

3. unregistered

hmmm....blame canada!

14. j0esm00 unregistered

Dang canadians they have the scenery they have prettier women and now a phone before us, I think I am going to become a Canadian A.

16. unregistered

And we lack rednecks and hillbillies (minus a couple people)

27. j0esm00 unregistered

LOL I so becoming Canadian now

6. unregistered

Verizon seems to do more testing then other carriers on phones so I wouldn't be surprised if it's a few months later then Sprint, but it's for a good reason.

7. anonymous

Posts: 6; Member since: Jun 05, 2008

if sprint gets it by september you know verizon will get it by quarter 1 of 2009...its take them forever to release phones

8. Victor unregistered

I’m a happy Canadian. Will have this beautiful phone in august ;-) ***we get something before the state that is really cool

9. unregistered

verizon and it's testing. i have vzw, but wish they moved faster. their 'testing' is prob their cover for giving them time to dumb down the smartphones and add crappy colors to such phones as the Touch =) hopefully they keep the sexy black cover of the Diamond, and don't take away the GPS and wi-fi. of course VZW is fast, but having wi-fi is great for times i have wi-fi - don't have to use up bandwidth! vzw should realize this and not take wi-fi out!!!! then they can't complain about people using up bandwidth!!!

11. matnessv2 unregistered

have you ever taken into cosideration that these added features would also increase the price piont?. and btw vzw will soon release vz navigator for our windows devices. may be we "dumb down'" our smart phones, but have you ever thought it might b/c we're trying to find better way to suit your needs.... p.s. i know, this again sounds like a sales pitch. im not arguing w/ u, just think about it....

15. j0esm00 unregistered

I completely agree I bet anything they will remove both and charge us for their wonderful crapy VZ Navigator, I sure though after the release someone will figure out how to hack it so we can get the addies back.

17. j0esm00 unregistered

No not better ways to provide for our need better ways for VZW to add value to their pockets. If the phone has Navigation built in why the hell would I want to pay for the service. If they would want to help us with our needs then give us a phone that will allow for email sync though wifi and gps all without charging us a data package to do so. Most of the smart phones coming out now days have the capabilities to do that just VZW wants more money for it. I know you work for them and I am not faulting you for that but lets face it man VZW is a business and they will do all they can for the customer without cutting into there overall profit margin but if they see a way to add a feature to increase their profit margin they well so to add the feature to charge for it even if the phone had it to begin with.

19. unregistered

crappy? have you tried using any other ones? especially now that they have the traffic alert and option to detour? it works MUCH better than your standard "carrier navigation." This speaking from experience, as I have used many.

20. matnessv2 unregistered

i agree with you 100%....but if you want me to be real you, we (addressing you as a consumer, not as an employee) are limited to the services that our carriers(t-mo, att, vzw,and sprint) provide, why not go with a provider that has the resources and the money to give us affordable, reliable service.....yes my friend, we can always hack it. but the vast majority of americans dont know that. so vzw and others will continue to charge for it. So, you have every right to buy the best. if a benz and a hundai cost the same, what would you buy? or would you build your own car?....WE would build our own...but its inconveinent to, so we jump in line for our iphones and diamonds......and then bash the carriers that provide them...c'mon man...then we complain?...oh well nd the world keeps tunrnin i guess....

22. unregistered

Sprint-Nextel, was the first carrier to develop telenav (on sprint navigation). And they've had the traffic option and the reroute option first. Im sure VZW navigation is pretty much Telenav with another name. Ive used telenav sprint nav for 4 years now and its awesome. Search for businesses, gas stations by price. Sweet! P.S. Verizon is overrated and over priced!!!

28. j0esm00 unregistered

LOL I would by the benz and hack the thing so I can get the benifits that the builder of the car already provided without paying the price of the dealership that put their logo on it. I only like the VZW network because in the area that I am in I get less calls dropped then any other carrier and don't have to worry about Billing screwing things up like Sprints billing department. And yes for all those people dedicated to their own network, I have tried all the others and wouldn't have anything to do with them after being on VZW's Network I will just have to deal with hacking the phone. Please understand peeps I am not saying anyone is better then any others this is just my oppinion. And yes VZW has issues but they are acceptable ones to me. The only carrier that can't rate is Sprint because the billing department can't seem to comunicate with the field offices and then the next then you know your without a phone even when you have 500 available credit on your phone bill.

12. unregistered

Sprint with diamond and wimax 2 to 3 times faster than Verzion and Att

18. unregistered

true... but where is wimax? it's not all about speed if you can't even use it wherever you may be.

24. unregistered

It doesn't matter Wimax will be avilb soon, But the phone still has EVDO which is way faster then 3G, period, 800 to 1400kbps. Comparable to DSL internet

21. unregistered

Sprint is a far better value than any other when combining voice/data/messaging t mo wins in voice/messaging but thier data isn't up to par. People project the bad C.S. onto other areas like coverage when if that's the case it's probably the device. You all will realize one day and if not stick with whatever carrier you have and let those that like Sprint be. A general statement to noone in particular

25. unregistered

Ah, why don't we just all stay on our side of the fence and stop worrying about our neighbors. VRZ will worry about your side when you put the foreclosure signs.

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