Toshiba K01 transforms into the IS02 for its release in Japan

Toshiba K01 transforms into the IS02 for its release in Japan
Despite popping up its head over at the FCC briefly over here, the Toshiba K01 flies back to its native homeland of Japan to be renamed simply as the IS02. This Windows Mobile powered handset will grace AU Mobile's lineup – they're actually part of the KDDI group which happens to be one of the three largest network providers in Japan. Despite the transformation of its name, the Toshiba IS02 will still feature the same old hardware that includes a 4.1” AMOLED touchscreen and physical keyboard to aid those individuals that have an affinity for some tactile responses. Although there was that slight hope of possibly seeing it make some waves over here, its deep roots ultimately lay in the land of the rising sun.

Toshiba K01 Specifications

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1. Shin

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According to what it says here, this device dose not work on America's 3G??

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