Thieves nab 22,500 LG G2's in truck heist

You really need to be on your toes at all times, even when you go for a bathroom break, because that's all it took for thieves to take off with a bunch of LG G2 handsets recently. Apparently, a truck full of LG G2 handsets was on its way to Louisville, Kentucky when it was stolen, the truck and all. In total, this lead to 22,500 LG smartphones being taken...
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23. Netolic

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24. pwnarena

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i'm realyl wondering if it's possible to fit more than 20,000 lg g2s in one truck. how big is that truck? that must be a really big truck. are these phones in their retail boxes or just stacked without the usual packaging? 20k is really a multitude. how big are the boxes holding each lg g2?

25. Tsepz_GP

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What a waste of great hardware. I'm just shocked they chose LG instead of Samsung or Apple O.o are Apple and Samsung devices closely guarded when in-transit or something? Very suspect, sounds like an inside job to me, I hope these idiots get caught.

30. ibap

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They didn't 'choose'. They saw an opportunity. It probably didn't matter what was in the truck. I'm sorry for the driver, who obviously wasn't thinking straight in some manner.

39. miles16852

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um, YES, they did 'choose' what do you think happens when one sees and opportunity?? one can DECIDE (CHOOSE) or DECIDE (CHOOSE) NOT to proceed and execute!

26. kanagadeepan

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Soo many BadESN LG G2 phones are coming to eBay store...

33. giani

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This explains how Lg managed to "sell" just over 2300 of G2's..

35. anthony84

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Apparently there are a lot of dumb people in USA ..sell them $50 a piece, no questions asked.

37. OldNorseBruin

Posts: 235; Member since: Mar 12, 2013 come 22,500 LG G2's with BAD IMEI's on EBAY...and NOT one of those SPRINT phones will sell...
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