The world’s first chipsets with multiple 4G standards support

The world’s first chipsets with multiple 4G standards support
Qualcomm has announced three new chipsets, which can support multiple 4G standards and are the first such in the world. Two of the units, the MDM 9800 and the MDM 9600, which support LTE (Long Term Evolution), are UMB (Ultra-Mobile Broadband) and EV-DO Rev. B standards capable. The third chipset, MDM 9200, supports 3.5G with EV-DO Rev. A format, as well as LTE. These 4G babies are said to be capable of download speed of up to 50Mbps and upload speed up to 25Mbps.

source: Mobilewhack



1. Lordobento unregistered

UMB and Rev B? has anyone committed to this yet? I can see the Rev A/LTE would be useful for Verizon and any CDMA carrier that follow suit to LTE but the 1st two chips are useless!

2. Wang unregistered

Qualcaomm ISNT STUPID THEY kNOW THAT LTE IS ABOUT 5 YEARS AWAY ......and if Verizon wants to keep adding new customers and new services....Its gotta increase network capacity ....swoop in rev b for a couple of years...its just a software update form rev a.... how many can the sell!!!!!

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