The ugly side of humanity: Pregnant Boost Mobile clerk gets punched in a robbery

With thousands of locations dotting the country from coast to coast, brick and mortar stores belonging to the nation's wireless carriers have been the target of robberies before. Usually, the thieves wait for the store to close, and then break the glass door or window for access to phones that are on display. But in the case of a Boost Mobile store in Pensacola, Florida, the robber took a different, more violent approach...
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99. p0rkguy

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Holdddddddddddddddd up. Why did she hop back onto the computer and type a good paragraph? She clearly just put down her phone before the man entered the store. Why not grab that first to call the cops? Easily could have told the cops that you're pregnant and you were just assaulted and robbed in a store and give your location. It's not hard. It looks like she went to tweet it.

104. engineer-1701d unregistered

Have you called the police ever your on his or wait and all they say ok name and some one is on the way half hour later they show. She is suspect. Note is to corporate about the money so she is not suspect

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