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The "real" reason Tim Cook visited Valve (humor)

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Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the headquarters of gaming giant Valve last week. We didn’t devote much time to it because most of the rumors centered on an Apple gaming console, or perhaps integrating gaming into a yet-to-be-announced iTV. It’s possible of course that monsieur Cook was investigating a way to bring more Valve games to the iPad, but wait…now we’re doing what the cartoon pokes fun at.

We found The Joy of Tech's take on this funny enough to share. We should warn that any long-time Mac gamers may find the humor a little poignant – we understand, just keep in mind that the humor is aimed more at the rampant speculation the media fuels than castigating users of any particular platform.

The "real" reason Tim Cook visited Valve (humor)

source: AllThingsD

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