The most bezel-less phone in the world goes official: Manufacturers, take notes from the Vivo NEX

The quest for coming up with the ultimate bezel-less device has bore tons of fruit already. Devices like the iPhone X, Galaxy S9/S9+, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2/2s, Essential Phone, OnePlus 6, LG G7, and many, many others broke past the once unachievable screen-to-body ratio metric of over 80%, but it doesn't seem like this is enough. It would seem that neither the industry nor the enormous consumer base will be satisfied until we receive phone that are all-screen up front, usability be damned...
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62. hamaidx

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63. gamehead unregistered

My fav android phone currently

65. mrmessma

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Iphone 12 will have this, and Apple will be credited as the first to do this, all others will be called apple copiers.
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