The location tracking scandal: Do you feel anxious about your privacy?

There's no doubt that the location tracking scandal rocked the smartphone community. The very fact lawsuits against both Google and Apple were filed...
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21. JG01 unregistered

It is not a matter of them tracking us, its matter of what they do witH this information, is the big question. They collect information about what we are doing and sell the results to various companies. So it’s not just Google and Apple, it is also all those companies who have participated in the brokering of our personal information. (and the emphasis is on the word " PERSONAL"). It also not a matter of saying, " I don't have anything to hide", because when you find out that someone has used your information for something that you did not approve off......then you will be concerned about who has your information....but guess's too late, nothing you can do at that point. By you saying nothing, you are as guilty as those brokering the information. DO YOU WANT PRIVACY? If not having privacy doesn’t bother you, why do not you take off all your cloths and take shower in the middle of a busy highway…. If that thought made you say “no way”…….Then you need your privacy!!!!
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