The iPhone scores FCC approval

The iPhone scores FCC approval
Finally, the Apple iPhone got approved by the FCC but as it was expected, no new information is revealed by them. Expected to launch in late June with AT&T, the first Apple's device will feature 4 or 8GB memory, 2-megapixel camera, quad-band GSM/EDGE and WiFi.

The only thing that FCC shows is the aluminum back housing, which protects the non-removable battery, similar to an iPod.

Source: FCC via Engadget



1. Chiara unregistered

this phone is going to be the bomb everyone should switch to Cingular new at&t and get one well worth your money and time

2. Sharpina unregistered

Well after careful evaluation I have some to the conclusion that the new i phone will be very comparable to a gameboy or a expensive toy. I for one am a business man I have my eyes on the new blackberry Verizon is coming out with the 8830 cyclone cdma/gsm compatible

3. christian dior worshipper unregistered

the iPhone is targeted to people who need multimedia device, not a smartphone for work. It combines large and beautiful screen with iPod-like functionality and other cool-looking applications

4. Sharpina unregistered

I have a large beautiful plasma t.v. at home to meet my viewing needs. I have an Ipod video to meet my music and video on the go needs. For those who will actually be using the I phone as a phone with normail use to they realise that battery life most likly will not be optimal for a device with some many crammed features?

5. Cellman unregistered

The iPhone is a waste of everyone's time. It is being built up too much and will only be an expensive phone for kids to brag about to their friends. I'm 13, and I have a Samsung Blackjack, and that phone is well worth your while. The iPhone doesn't even have a QWERTY keyboard, let alone numbers. Don't waste your money on a worthless piece of shit like that, spend it wisely like a normal person should.

6. ... unregistered

the iphone is going to be really exciting & everyone will have the option to get one at launch, i heard they were making over 2 million on tv... so it should be good for everyone who wants one

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