The iPhone as an assistant to travellers

The iPhone as an assistant to travellers
Who knows better what a bold adventurer needs than the guys at National Geographic? Steve Casimiro, a photographer with the company seems to truly love his iPhone and always makes a good use of the handset during his travels. He has written an interesting article, picking 20 apps that he believes would come most handy to travelers, like Next Flight that shows the flight timetables of over 4200 airports around the world or HearPlanet that provides information on sightseeing hotspots. The complete list of apps along with short descriptions can be found here.

The author also hints at the possible future functionality of the apps - using the phone GPS, they will be able to pinpoint your exact location and provide relevant information about the region where you are. Ultimately, world travelling will become much easier with the broader implementation of new technologies.

Steve Casimiro┬┤s official website

source: National Geographic


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1. lizsaito

Posts: 2; Member since: Sep 20, 2016

My personal phone is actually an iPhone, and it has been for the past 4 years. I love backpacking and my iPhone saved me is so many situations and so many things. :) I thought about switching, but my friends and even my travel planner (Tigsee) begged to disagree. So yeah I am pro-iPhone to travellers.

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