The best Android wallpaper app just got a huge update with new features

If you are looking for a high-quality wallpaper app on Android, for years on the number one app of choice has been Muzei.

Muzei is an Android wallpaper app developed by Google engineer Roman Nurik. It's an app that lives to the highest development standards, features a ton of extensions and adds an extremely cool blur effect to your wallpapers, so that they don't distract you too much.

Now, Muzei is getting updated in a big way with a ton of interesting new functionality and stability improvements.

The lucky few who use an Android 7.1 phone will find that the new Muzei 2.3 version adds two great new features: a quick settings tile that allows you to quickly switch to the next wallpaper from the notification drop down, while the second innovation is a 'quick access' icon (just long hold the Muzei icon and drag it to your home screen) that takes you to the web link for each art work / image.

Muzei 2.3 fixes a lot of the wrongs of previous Muzei versions: it no longer duplicates images to use them for wallpapers, it's easier to add your own images and turn them into wallpapers, and reliability is improved (something hugely important for an app that runs 24 / 7 on your phone).

The Muzei app also plays nice with Android Wear 2.0 smart watches, adding support for the new complications, so that any third-party app can add information to the Muzei watchface.

All of this comes in an open-source wrapper and is completely free to download. Muzei was and is our favorite Android wallpapers app and it's now become even better.

Download Muzei 2.3 for Android (Google Play Store link)

source: Medium


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