The UK sidewalks safer for texters?!?

The UK sidewalks safer for texters?!?

Accordingto a study carried out by, (a 411 site), ten percent of people in theUnited Kingdom, who are into texting, have hurt themselves, writing or sendingan SMS while walking. The local charity, Living Streets felt that textaddicted pedestrians are at great risk and has joined with the 118 site to wrapup all the lampposts on the island. What a great idea! It sounds to us justlike the suggestion a US comedian (sorry, we forgot his name) gave to parents,which stated that kids should go to bed with helmets on, in order not to hurttheir heads on the pillow…

source : Yahoo!



1. unregistered

thats really sad, what a waste of money, people just need to be more responsible and pay attention to where they are going

2. LordObento unregistered

If it was in the US, people would 1st start a class-action law suit against the lamp post companies and other obstructions on our sidewalks I.E. USPS mailbox, newpaper machines...etc then we would get everything padded.

3. unregistered

agreed, a complete waste of money. people still dont have food in parts of the world and these idots are walking into things.Cancel that shipment of rice to Africa and get some padding to the UK!!

4. RetardedTommie unregistered

Would you care a cup of tea, sir? No sir, I am texting, oof, my head!

5. Screwer unregistered

AND over 1 milion people die from suicide every year. How about making knifes blunt and guns squirty? Oh, oh! And make bungee ropes on every rooftop!

6. Tiger Uppercut unregistered

This proves brits and engies and peoples in the UK are just morons. Leave it to Englishmen to not be able to accomplish 2 things simultaneously. Seriously...who can't walk and text. My grandmother is 207 years old and she can do that.

7. Chief unregistered

OMG. I can't stand those bloody wankers! IDK who they think they are but honestly how dumb do you have to be. From the country that banned toothbrushes!

8. jskrenes unregistered

So if you're walking the other way, too bad! Also, what's next, padded cars in case people walk into the streets while texting?

9. unregistered

will never happen just a way to advertise for free 118, and just for the record some of us in the uk can do more than one thing at a time maybe WHEN this happens you can call us all morons however remember that there are companys etc that may do stupid things in the U.S does that mean you are all stupid by default just because of their actions?

10. unregistered

number 7 to the best of my knowledge nobody has banned toothbrushes here

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