The Shack is about to get back Verizon

The Shack is about to get back Verizon
Verizon Wireless took an exit when Circuit City stores around the country announced that they are closing forever. So what does Big Red do to gain more customers in areas outside their carrier stores? Boy Genius is reporting that the renewed relationship between Verizon Wireless and Radio Shack is indeed happening sooner than anyone thinks. Commencing March 5, it is being reported that some Radio Shack locations throughout the country will be offering Verizon Wireless phones. There will be a total of eight handsets for right now with possibly more coming soon. Solid evidence shows that the rumors are true and that Big Red is going back to the Shack. It’ll be a plus for the many consumers looking to compare phones and carriers in one place without the need to travel to different ones.

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1. xmguy

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2. Mali Mal

Posts: 35; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

that just gives those radio shack employees more of a headache cuz they cant handle 2 post paid carriers as it is.

3. confident

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If I'm correct this mostly affects stores in the Midwest area, since they use to sell Alltel in those areas. I am interested to see if this will spread to stores on the east coast.

4. phone333

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Not a bad move...since they lost a big chunk with Circuit City !!!

5. spellcheck

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"The Shack is about to get back Verizon." I'm sure this could have been worded much better. Maybe "The Shack is about to get Verizon back." Any takers on the absurd grammar on this site?

6. ellie unregistered

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7. ellie unregistered

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8. morningsicknessfix.come unregistered

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