The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are in tight supply, despite Samsung's reassurance

It looks like there's trouble in paradise, for early Galaxy S8 buyers in South Korea are struggling to get their hands on the phone – despite Samsung reassuring them the S8 is ready to fly and there will be no supply shortages...
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34. MrElectrifyer

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That's the stupidly half-assed Microshaft OneDrive app in action. On my OnePlus One, it takes forever to load folders and and sub-folders, not to even talk of scrolling. No such problems with Dropbox on the other hand on my OnePlus One.

83. TechieXP1969

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Server-side apps can on;y be as fast as the server sending the date and your connection to it. In between there is tons of traffic. Its best not to feed the trolls.

52. NoToFanboys

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I am sorry that the existence of the S8 personally offends you.

80. TechieXP1969

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Have you ever opened up the app store on iOS? Does the same thing. Everything cant fill in at the exact same time. You guys are stupid! Just dont buy the phone dude. If you're that ignorant and dense over a phone, I can only imagine what kind of spazz you are in real life. Because a page with 100's of phones are suppose to all load at the same time? LOL.

53. kumar1234 unregistered

Everyone here knows that You are a monkey samsung fanboy. You will say thing to defend samsung. You are a lying B.

58. NoToFanboys

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Everyone here knows that You are a monkey samsung hater. You will say thing to bash samsung. You are a lying B.

75. sissy246

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Wish I could gbe you a 100 more up votes.

76. sissy246

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74. sissy246

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WOW , the same can be said about you and you favorite phone.

25. htcisthebest

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That article is so wrong and whoever reads that are iDiots. The Google Pixel has Full HD display, not QHD as stated by the article. The Google Pixel XL has QHD display.

59. slow00

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Ron amadeo is famous for trashing samsung's products in his reviews..last year he declared the htc10 as the best android flagship for 2016 (after bad reviewing the galaxy s7 edge as well) but you know nobody bought that phone..He is so biased in the s8 review that he spends a whole paragraph about the on screen buttons and how the design diverts from google s material design!..every phone has its flaws for sure but what is certain is that amadeo has his personal agenda when he picks a samsung product for review or posting about samsung in general..go through his posting history in ars technica and you will notice that trend

61. slow00

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Unless the s8 starts exploding like the note 7 it looks like that samsung has a winner here..i spent many hours reading reviews and feedback from tech lovers even in apple fan sites and the response looks more than positive (apple insider excluded..many apple jihadists there).. i have a feeling that many apple users will buy and use the s8 as a 2nd device at least because of the look and the premium feel of the phone.what really impresses me is that the people "voting" against the s8 in the forums are huawei owners ( probably paid trolls from china) or android purists (pixel owners)..especially the latter consider samsung as an enemy even if both ar part of the same ecosystem..(amadeo is a great example in this case).

67. M.O.A.B

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so you are no longer interested in a device based on a review that uses a phone with initial release software and didnt receive a single update yet ?(no they haven't update their review unit since the update is just two days old and a review like this takes time to make which means they made their tests even before the update has been released) this is a snapdragon variant and an initial software, what would expect? the same sh*t happened with the note 7 when xda-developers released their review of the device with an initial software and it was a snapdragon variant, people over here spammed every article with that review. yes the initial software is much better than the demo unit you may have played with in the store, but it is still not yet perfected. this method of testing is false and misleading, making such a very specific performance test (such as scrolling frame rate) is not accurate when the device is still new, and we all know that snapdragon variants of the galaxy devices are not as well optimized as the exynos variant. my year and a half note 5 is buttery smooth scrolling through the play store, if you dont believe me or take my words seriously, here is a screenshot (the phone is set at 2k resolution and running the official stock android 7.0 and never formatted/factory reset since day 1):

68. Mreveryphone

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Here we go with another bunch of whiney babies crying about a millisecond lag in the playstore... What a joke... EVERY PHONE LAGS AT SOME POINT IN IT'S OPERATION... There is no perfect phone... If we all wanted to find inconsistencies in a phones OS we could if we sat down took the time and looked hard enough. This reviewer did just that... But to criticize one of the the best phones out right now to be junk as some of you guy's are saying is absurd... All these phones out right now should be junk according to all these babies in here... I like all phones and own many and they all have they're respective issues... You guy's will jump on any bandwagon now days... Smh

78. ph00ny

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Sorry but i just read that article, pretty much what he wants is an iphone design external with stock android. 1. Complaining about non metal casing on the back while recognizing that it's probably better for wifi, mobile payment, wireless charging, etc. Which are all very good valid reasons 2. Complaining about Bluetooth 5.0. Seriously? We've been on Bluetooth 4.2 since 2014. Not to mention boatload of features that do not require new bluetooth 5.0 devices to take advantage of. Sure if you want to take advantage of the higher bandwidth or longer range you need them but that's not the extent of bluetooth 5.0 3. Heart rate sensor. What's wrong with one being available? Some may use it and some may not. Does it warrant an entire paragraph of whine? At least they've made it so that it also functions as the camera button when used during selfies. it's like IR blaster, ton of folks complained about it being there and being gimmicky. Not everyone used it but when it was gone, nothing but complaints. 4. Non stop rant about on screen buttons.... 5. Fingerprint Sensor placement. I don't have an S8 but some of my relatives/friends have just received their devices and i didn't get any complaints from them. I've mimicked the usage of finger print sensor on their devices and it's not really that bad and something you can get used to just sliding your finger over from the side. Also some of the centered mounted finger print readers are mounted too low in their placement. I highly doubt users got their fingers right on it every single time when they first got their device. Size and orientation of the finger print reader issue has been debunked already

79. TechieXP1969

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Yea because watching someone else use a phone, has 100% maerit that you will have the same usage as them? I actually have the phone. I haver over 228 applications installed. That includes what it comes with. I have the sdcard more than 50% full. I have yet to experience any issues so far. The phone is amazing. I never trust the word of Samsung haters. You all cling to it likes flies to sh|t. You weren'[t ever buying the phone anyways. Just like the troll that sitting behind the crack of your butt Kiko007

85. A_A_A

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Thank you for posting that. S8 is just another raw product from Samsung and definitely doesn't deserve all the hype around.

5. Rampage_Taco

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Apple - intentionally limit initial supply to help create hype and demand Samsung - Makes high quantity of devices for initial supply and faces shortages

6. kiko007

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12. Rampage_Taco

Posts: 1025; Member since: Jan 17, 2017

How is that fanboy logic exactly? Apple products seem to always run short of demand upon release, or they constantly push back releases. They know their products will sell well yet they just happen to never make enough? Intentionally limiting supply is a great marketing tool to make a product seem more desirable

23. kiko007

Posts: 7493; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

The nonsense that Apple is somehow artificially creating demand and Samsung isn't is fanboy logic. Specifically this silly notion that Samsung, who sells far less of these S series phones than Apple sells brand new iPhones upon release, doesn't have the logistical understanding to compensate for shortages. That's false. Both companies use the technique going by your own statement.

29. Rampage_Taco

Posts: 1025; Member since: Jan 17, 2017

My bad, I forgot the Almighty fruit can do no wrong. I feel as though if I even said it was both Samsung and Apple who use a limited supply to increase demand you would still call me out and say my claims are wrong. And I'm not only referring to the Flagship phones, look at the Airpods that Apple kept pushing back over and over then then release them, sell out, re-release them, sell out and now you have to wait 6 weeks for a product?

54. omnitech

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I think you are getting one important factor here. The GS8 actually looks like it's difficult to manufacture. The iPhone you just need some off the shelf lg crap 750p displays, some aluminum, and Foxconn doing nothing but cracking the whips making them. I am guessing the Samsung factories do other stuff like make chips for Qualcomm and memory chips for Apple and now displays.

64. Spyro

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Yet when Samsung gets supply shortages, it's considered ok? The fanboying is strong in this one.

69. Rampage_Taco

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Never did I say it was okay, but Samsung tries to manufacture enough for demand. But they don't limit supply for every device they release. It's harder and more expensive to produce a Galaxy S and Note series phone than it is an iPhone. Let alone the company is also manufacturing several other devices all at the same time. Considering how wealthy Apple is, and seeing as their Mobile division is their big money maker, is it not odd to you that they can't ever seem to have enough of product for an initial demand for the product? They know how much their previous product sold at launch yet they never have enough the following year. I mean the reason behind them doing it with the iPhone is to spread sales into Q4 . Since they release their phones at the end of Q3 in September, they delay release so they can have high sales to finish Q3 and to carry them through Q4

84. TechieXP1969

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BEcause Apple and all their billions, "can't" make enough devices and yet Samsung who makes 50 models rarely has a shortage? Yea, so much for fanboy logic. Dont respond to the fool

13. ShadowSnypa786

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LOL so true :D

9. Predict

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I have a blazing fast oneplus 3t and it also drop frames in Play Store and Chrome

14. LebronJamesFanboy

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Oneplus 3T is known for less impressive real world performance (see blurb from XDA's review below). BUT, how much does the OnePlus 3T cost? HALF of an S8. So I wouldn't care. "While app opening speeds have been great, I haven’t been too impressed with actual real-world fluidity and smoothness on this device (particularly when halving animation speed) after experiencing the OnePlus 3. While the original OnePlus 3 on the original OxygenOS felt surprisingly fluid from the start, the OnePlus 3T hasn’t felt quite as smooth for me. It’s not laggy by any means, but it’s also not hard to find microstutters when swiping through long lists and they are even found across certain UI elements like the notification panel, although these are small and infrequent. "

24. razmahtaz001

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why not just make one color and then include body skin/plate for all the colors that they are advertising...shipped with the phone???
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