The EV-DO capable HTC Shift comes to the U.S.

The EV-DO capable HTC Shift comes to the U.S.
HTC revealed information that on March 24 (Monday), it will make the CDMA/EV-DO variant of the HTC Shift available for purchase through and its webpage Amazon has already listed it for pre-ordering, at the modest price of $1 499.

This variant uses Sprint’s network for access to the Internet, but keep in mind that it is an UMPC and not a phone, and cannot be used as one straight out of the box. However, running a full version of Windows Vista, it may be a brilliant ‘accessory’ for your phone, especially if you are a Sprint customer.



1. mick unregistered

Does anyone else find the title of this story slightly disturbing?

2. drew unregistered

yeah, if you get creative with the words, it can be slightly distubring. quality!

3. ali unregistered

mike, drew. explain?

4. Matt unregistered

EV-DO HTC Shift comes "in" the US. The title should be reworded; EV-DO HTC Shift comes "to" the US. This way, people with even slightly dirty minds won't giggle at the title.

5. unregistered

haha thats jokes

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