Thanks to the Note 7 recall, Apple scored virtually all of the phone industry's profits in Q3

After Samsung wrote off this and next quarter in terms of smartphone profits, due to the Note 7 recall fiasco, Apple is now the sole game in the industry when it comes to actually earning money from the production of its handsets. According to the calculations of BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long, Apple took virtually all of the smartphone industry's profits in Q3...
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41. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Suckers are people who buy android phones for $600 when the value of them decreases tremendously from day one over time.

47. joey_sfb

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Well I getting my phone sponsored from the likes of sucker mxy. Besides, i would never buy any used apple product because that just plain stupid. I really have no intention of stirring the hornets nest but some apple fan are just too cute to ignore. Being trap in such an exclusive ecosystem give everyone a free pass to exploit you. I was wondering in the past whether the apple fan know this now i have my answer.

63. TechieXP1969

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Can you pleases show me an example? Because I've never had that happen. For example, for phone that come out once per year, from the manufacturer, that phone remains the same cost until the new model. Example, the S7 is $650. It has been that cost since day one, and is still the same via carriers which si where most phones are purchased? Can you find a retailer who will lower the cost to encourage sales? YES? But no flagship Android phones has ever been offered free. In order to get a free Android, it's always BY ONE GET ONE. With this years iPhone 7, because carriers expect low sales, the iPhone 7 (not the plus) was offered free by all 4 major SS carriers. The only thing is, you had to bring them a working iPhone, and I believe it only required it be an iPhone 5S or higher. Also, Android phone usually drop faster in cost for some brands, because there are so many. They do it to encourage sales. But its harder for them to do thst, because when you ahve phoen liek the One Plus 3 that start at $400 with equal or better spes, if you want your phone to sell, you have to either meet that price or sell for less. Apple doesn't have pricing competition, because all phone son the same caliper or better cost equal or more. You're trying to compare phone, that aren't flagships or are mid-rangers to an iPhone. You already lost your argument. The Xperia Z, the Galaxy S and Note, do not drop in price over the year. Now I have seen HTC do it, but its because no one is buying their phone. Again yoru arguemnt is flawed, because you are making this claim on BS. I sell phones all the time on eBay, I have never received less than 50% of the phones value. Look me up on ebay. LIVENLIFE4ME. I dont have to hide. I speak facts. When I use to buy phones on contract, I walked in with the 50% in the case of Galaxy and iPhones equally. When I sold them, I sold them for either the same price I paid for more. Example, I paid $399 for a 64GB iPhone 4S. I sold it for $650 for a Verizon model. Verizon phones tend to have less resale value vs GSM versions of the same phone, do to even unlocked they don't work on other carriers, with exception of the iPhone. However, I paid $299 for my Note 4, and I sold it for $550, for a phone that retailed for $750. What money did I lose? Any phone I've ever bought from a carrier that I paid $299 for, I never sold for less than $350 the nest year. My phones are always in meant condition. Even though I could have sold it for more, I'm not greedy. A phone that is a year old, I don't care what brand it is, I would never pay more than 50% of its original retail price. Because, you don't know what the phone has been through, how many times it been charged, or anything. Apple fans are suckers, because any price lower than retail is a good deal. If I had bought a year old iPhone 4S at 64GB, I wouldn't have paid more than $400 for it. Considering its retail price was 799.

64. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

I know ifans are suckers. I'm just not one who can take advantage of such. Like here in Chicago, the CUBS have finally won the World Series. There were bars charging $250 just for you to come in, when these locations don't have cover-charges. Some places were charging $1200 for you to just come in, and could not guarantee you would even be served. That is wrong, even if its not illegal. After all, its your business you can charge what you want. But I had no problem with them charging it, what is the problem is the fools willing to pay it. Business or not, that si corrupt. Now sure, I may raise the cost of my beer a couple bucks. Or maybe I would sell shirts or something. But I would never price gouge anyone. maybe its because I have morals and a conscious, something Apple and their fans seriously lack. That and they lack the most common of sense!

54. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

They lack common sense to begin with. That's why they buy products that are popular and gets them pats on the back yet companion about them constantly. When I go onto sites to do walk-through, I here so many technicians complain about how thre phone has terrible battery-life. Then they pull out a phone like an iPhone 4S/5/5S/5Se. So I say, why do you buy a phone with such a small battery. Then they say, well this is the best phone. So I be like "oh" best phone, but terrible battery-life. So I ask, why not just get a bigger iPhone, Then they say the phone is too big. The I say, theer are phones out theer ahat are smaller than iPhones that have larger batteries. They be like which one, I be like the one I'm holding right now. Oh I've heard bad things, I'd never buy a Galaxy. Oh what bad things you've heard. Oh i"ve heard they are slow or they break to easy. I be like really? So you rather suffer with terrible battery life for a phone you have which is slow and breaks easy too? Then liek one tech said, well I just don't like the Galaxy. I said, well then just say that instead do this other BS that you heard someone else say, but you don't even know if its true because you've never owned one. I've even done side by side test with them. Like opening the camera and the same apps they do. Most times the apps are equal in speed, but they cant even match the camera. And they cant match how fast the S7 or Note 7 focuses on objects, even when they are moving.

62. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Another long, drawn out techie essay.

69. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

So! What?!

17. darkkjedii

Posts: 30977; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Tim Cook must've turned down your application, or your dinner request. All these companies are greedy, don't get all butt hurt, cause Apples the best at it.

65. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

can you give an example or greed by the other OEM? Let's see if I can try. Lets compare Samsung to Apple. So lets see the Note 7 was $850. It 1440p, 3600MaH battery, they gave you 256GB microSD card for free which is a $300 value or you could pick a gear Fit 2 for free which was a $180 value. The phone has the best cameras in its class, wireless charging, choice of 3 colors and it has one of the best designs. Now the iPhone 7 Plus has a smaller battery, 128GB model is $869. No wireless charger, the cameras take ok pictures, the design is the same as last years, no expansible storage. In fact no advanced features whatsoever!. Where both phones are roughly similar on price...when you look at the physical specs, which one is really being greedy. We know it cost Apple $250 to make the iPhone 7 Plus, cost Samsung $380 to make the Note 7. Are they'll greedy? Sure to some degree. But is the greed equal? Samsung gives you a free gift, with a value of $99 (Gear VR), 299 (256GB microSD card), $179 (gear Fit 2), would easily bring you over $1000 with taxes depending on choice if bought separately. Apple charges a high price and give you nothing. And then to make the phone work with your new Mac which you pay $1700 for, you have to go and by a $25 cable to attach your phone to it. Sue they are all greedy to a point. But Apple stands out because it is excessive. I don't know how you guys can be so less objective to such and try to claim its even, when you an look and see that it isn't.

31. kiko007

Posts: 7493; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

"The smart people in the Android camp realize that good devices with high end specs don't have to cost $650 or $1000 for a really good smartphone." Smart or frugal? There's a tremendous difference between the two terms. I'm smart enough to know a compromised object when I see it.....but you don't care as long as the specs sheet is nice. I'll take my five years of software support and two years of hardware over some $400 dollar phone that'll have abandonment issues in a year thanks.

68. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

You are frugal. Because the fact is we continue to pay less and get more. You are the one who is frugal. You are butthurt using YOUR term because I can buy a brand new Android for $400, that has an equal display, but has more ram, takes better pictures and is cheaper than an overpriced iPhone. Its called value for the price. Specs aren't everything true. But, with my phone for $800, not only do it get 1400p, but the display uses less power than the iPhone 7 Plus 1080p display. Its also brighter and bigger. I also don't have to wait 3 hours for my phone to charge. I don't need an adapter to use an industry standard port. It has a headphoen jack and has a higher IP ceryification. It also has advanced features too. And I still paid less money. You are the frugal one because you try to condemn someone who doesnt see a need to pay $800 for a phoen hhe can buy elsewhere for $400. Even though the iPhone 128GB is $869, my phone also was $869. Even though it came with less storage, I could choose 256GB for free...a $300 value Or I could choose a Fitness band that cost $180 or a VR helmet for $99...all free. I have a phone with mass storage, allows be to send any file type to another device, even by email. I can store all my personal stuff vs paying for cloud storage which is not always available in my line of work. After all what good is cloud storage if I cant get a signal. I get a better design, better cameras and more and free stuff...all for less money. Am I smart or frugal. Are you smart, or maybe you are just jealous?! Whichever it is, yoru arguments are lame and are nothign more than fanboy banter, Android is miles ahead of iOS. Nothing is perfect and since nothign is, I expect to pay a price based only on what I am getting. The iPhone to me is worth $400 tops. Why? Because it doesn't come with things other phones come with that cost $800. if the Note 7 worth $800? I agree with the PA witer that no phone is worth $800. However when I am carrying a small pocket computer, that has better battery-life than my laptop, allows me to do everything I can do on my laptop including using multiple displays and more...then yes it is worth it. I pulled out my AMEX, which has a limit that would allow me to swipe your whole salary for a year, assuming you even have a job and I can pay it off within 20 days based on what I make...that means money isn't an issue. Just because I have the jack I could waste, doesn't mean I want too. After all, rich people don't get rich wasting money. That si how rich people go broke. Rich people get rich, because they take a little money and make smart decision which make them more money. Especially when its their own money. Not like Donald Trump who lose $1B on bad deals for money he didn't even earn, but was given to him by his dad. You are smart. But right now you are making a choice not to be. You've allowed all the fanboy banter on this site to change you. Sad!

85. Well-Manicured-Man

Posts: 674; Member since: Jun 16, 2015

Its not Apple's fault that they are so successful, it is the fault of Android OEMs. Apple can only be so strong because its competitors let Apple be so successful. I think that Google can stop Apple if they are consequent with their Pixel Phones. But besides Google, I don't see a player that could really harm Apple because Google owns Android and can therefore optimize their Phones for Android - like Apple. Samsung can only do great hardware but has no real software expertise and will therefore loose against Apple and new Chinese competitors that do better and better hardware.

2. Tyrion_Lannister unregistered

--------incoming long rant with completely subjective opinion. Read at your own risk.----- And yet we don't see android manufacturers working on the tiny details that make the experience good. Have you ever seen an android manufacturer talk about what kind of vibration motor they are using, or what is the touch latency of the digitizer, or what is the response time of the display. No, because they don't care about those things and they remain constant throughout the years. You must be thinking that even Apple doesn't advertise these things, and you are right. But Apple does improve these things every year. And it does make a difference. Android phones are all about the specs. Yet we don't see manufacturers using the hardware. For example, hexagon DSP has been on Qualcomm processors for years now(3 now) and only now are we seeing most manufacturers use hardware based HDR. Same goes for high refresh rate video, H.265 encoding and so much more. These little things matter. Just take your android phone and drag something or scroll. The object lags behind your finger if you look closely. This is 2016 and it's not acceptable. Not to mention the almost 2-3x difference in storage speed, idle battery consumption, IPC and whatnot. I hate to say this but Apple is running away with it. Please don't mention how android is superior in customization and features. I know that stuff and that's why I use android. The saddest part is that companies like Huawei and HTC do care about these details. But they do not have the presence or engineering to get it done. And the companies like Samsung who can are turning a blind ear and spending that money in marketing. -------------Rant over------------------------------------------- I have always been an android user and want to be, because I hate iOS. But if this s**t continues in 2017, I am not afraid to jump ship.

5. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

1. vibration motor is just gimmick, 99.99999% smartphone user didnt even care about tech behind it... and btw Pixel's motor is similar to iPhone.. 2. human can't tell 10-40ms touch latency difference between smartphone.. 3. SuperAMOLED has the best response time, and that's why that recommended for google's daydream to lazy to read the rest, I guess the rest also doesnt make sense anyway

7. bucky

Posts: 3778; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Not a timid at all with regards to the vibration motor. It makes a pretty big difference. The pixels motor has actually been proven to not be the same. And there isn't an android phone apart from the pixel which is close, that resembles even a close touch response and smoothness.

8. bucky

Posts: 3778; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Don't agree at all*

14. ctdog4748

Posts: 797; Member since: Mar 05, 2016

1) Says you because your favorite android phone doesn't have it. 2) Yes they can it's the reason doing any function on an iPhone (gaming, texting, writing an email, etc,,etc) the responsiveness is soooo much smoother and quicker. 3) That is true but also purely academic, since no android phone currently has the processing power to take advantage of such response times. Meaning, gaming and other fast motion will still look and feel better on an iPhone, due to its incredibly fast processor and optimization. You did read the rest, but realized the post was eerily accurate, and that made you uncomfortable, so you stopped replying.

20. Tyrion_Lannister unregistered

1. No it's not. Samsung and Google are using good ones but try an HTC phone with rotational motor, you will know the difference. 2. As a PC gamer, hell no. I can tell a 10 ms monitor from a 1 ms one easily. 3. Yes, but it is a function of the PWM. At the lowest brightness settings, the ghosting goes to hell. I read the whole of your comment, and it doesn't make sense completely.

6. vincelongman

Posts: 5677; Member since: Feb 10, 2013

Agreed on many points BTW most OEMs have been using Qualcomm's ISP for instant HDR for many many years. Their ISP is more than enough for regular HDR Google's HDR+ however is far more intense and requires more processing. Even with the 821, Google made a "lite HDR+" as the Qualcoom's DSPs still isn't fast enough to instantly process their "full HDR+" (On the Pixel HDR+ Auto mode uess "lite HDR+", HDR+ On mode uses "full HDR+", which is like HDR+ on the 6P) Also HTC does care about touch latency. They specifically mentioned their M8 had lower touch latency than the iPhone at the time. Pretty sure Samsung, LG, Sony, ... have had 60 fps video for several years Huawei also have been doing tons of little things to improve UX. e.g. Their custom file system caches commonly used files in RAM Its why the P9 and Honor 8 can load apps at a similar speed to the OP3 despite only having eMMC storage (the Mate 9 has UFS) But with all that said, I still definitely agreed Android OEMs focus too much on specs, especially "marketable specs", e.g. cores, GHz, MPs A major reason is many Android users also focus too much on specs as well

21. Tyrion_Lannister unregistered

No they haven't. In 2014, the only phone to use it was the S5 and same for S6 in 2015. I specifically mentioned HTC at the end. How about 1080p 120 fps on phones. Qualcomm processors are supporting them for quite a few generations now. About Huawei, I mentioned them also. But their UI is so bad that their phones lose all appeal.

11. Macready

Posts: 1818; Member since: Dec 08, 2014

"and they remain constant throughout the years" An S2 had a touchscreen latency of over 150 ms, the S3 105 ms, the S4 94 ms, the Note 3 67 ms, the S6 35ms. That's almost a factor 5 reduction, so how is that "constant"? It may not be in the low 20's like current iPhones yet, but it's definitely progressed greatly. "and only now are we seeing most manufacturers use hardware based HDR." The S5 already used hardware (DSP) based HDR over 2,5 years ago. It could also shoot 120fps videos. The S4 was the first smartphone to support H.265 decoding and the S6/Note 5 already supported hardware encoding of the same codec. The storage speed is mostly a difference in sequential speeds. Random read is similar, some Android devices have faster random write times. And this whole rant is completely irrelevant to profits, since that has largely to do with lock in and average sales prices (or should I say margins). Most users pay more attention to things like cameras, battery life, features and screen quality than the technical differences mentioned above anyway. Simply because that's where you're going to notice the differences the most.

24. Tyrion_Lannister unregistered

Yet when you slide your hand and drag something, it lags behind your finger. They are using older gen parts even now. Look at HTC phones and how they destroy Samsung in touch latency. S5 didn't shoot proper 120 fps 720p video. It upscaled it from 480p. And even in 2016, the only android that shoots 1080p 120 fps is pixel when Qualcomm chips are supporting that for a while now. Not to mention no support for 4k 60fps video or not a major push towards H.265 despite hardware acceleration available. The difference in sequential speeds is insane. And most huge textures in game use sequential chunks of data. That's why Apple destroys android phones in loading games. No, most users care about the experience of using a phone. Only spec nerds care about the things like screen quality and PPI or the number of cores. A normal user will much rather have a phone that never bugs out or slows down over a phone with a beautiful screen with laggy software. Nobody wants a phone which can lose 20% of charge on a random day on idle because google play services wanted to run for a few hours because of god knows what. Things like screen and camera matter, but Apple usually does pretty good in those areas and a normal user won't notice the difference. What I'm trying to say is that the key to iPhones is consistency. There is no major flaw in those phones compared to even the best. While galaxies are plagued with poor performance, LG software sucks too, pixel performance is too slow too and almost all of them suck in updates.

39. Macready

Posts: 1818; Member since: Dec 08, 2014

"Yet when you slide your hand and drag something, it lags behind your finger. They are using older gen parts even now. Look at HTC phones and how they destroy Samsung in touch latency. " No idea what you're talking about, because the above is measurably false. Maybe if you have all gesture detections turned on, since that appears to influence touch latency. Your whole rant is easily debunked by the fact that features have always been a leapfrog game between the top 2 manufacturers. It's easy to pick a few that were found on brand A phone X first, but the same can be said for features for brand B phone Y. Pointless discussion which has nothing to do with profits. If your argument is really about user experience, the only way to objectively measure that is through customer satisfaction. And this is where the Note phones have consistently topped the ranks alongside or above iPhones the passed years, on Apple's very home turf too. "There is no major flaw in those phones compared to even the best" By that logic, neither is there on recent Galaxies, regardless of what your personal opinion is. Reflected in review scores across the board, measured standby times, customer satisfaction and yes, sales too. Again it's easy to pick one part that you may find important, throw in a lot of hyperbole and turn it into something big. But that's not being objective. That's like calling modern iOS a major flaw, because it ignores all input during animations. Unbearable. Or many of their recent updates killing connectivity, if that wasn't already a problem out of the box. Or dog slow recharge times. Etc etc. Anyone can make an argument like that. Profits are a function of lock in, high margins and a good marketing system. That's the main driver for this topic. The rest is subjectiveness.

43. Macready

Posts: 1818; Member since: Dec 08, 2014

And as for the resolution of HFR, practically all cameras use a form of lineskipping and/or binning in these modes, even today. The S5 did, but so did the 6S etc. The main difference is usually in the algorithms used to "compensate" for this. Manufacturer A chooses to bring back some sharpness at the cost of aliasing and moiré, manufacturer B throws in a blur filter the mask the latter 2 but at the expense of ( a lot of) perceived detail. Pick your poison. That's usually not a limitation of the CPU or DSP, but limitation of read out speeds of the sensor or LSI.

27. kiko007

Posts: 7493; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

While I don't agree with the entirely of it.....well said.

44. SupermanayrB

Posts: 1188; Member since: Mar 20, 2012

"And yet we don't see android manufacturers working on the tiny details that make the experience good. Have you ever seen an android manufacturer talk about what kind of vibration motor they are using, or what is the touch latency of the digitizer, or what is the response time of the display. No, because they don't care about those things and they remain constant throughout the years." When someone goes from a Note 4 to the Note 7 (and now S7 Edge because....) like I did & NOTICES the difference between the vibrations, it doesn't have to be mentioned because of brand loyalty. I didn't read the rest of your book.

4. lyndon420

Posts: 6751; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

Android OEM's need to start pricing their handsets higher so they are just as expensive as an iPhone...or even slightly higher. I'd still go with Android even if they cost more than an iPhone.

12. cnour

Posts: 2305; Member since: Sep 11, 2014

Thanks for confirming your stupidity. Keep it up.

15. lyndon420

Posts: 6751; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

Care to elaborate a little?

22. sgodsell

Posts: 7244; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

I definitely don't agree with you on raising the prices. Especially when the vast majority of Androids market share comes from the low to mid range market. You probably don't realize that each year the higher end specs make there way down to the lower end devices, and they also come with lower end prices as well. Many of these low end devices have flagship specs from only a year or two ago. For example when I see Motorola's G4 go for around $200. Yet it offers a higher resolution Full HD display compared to the iPhone 7 which costs more than three times price of the G4. This G4 device will be getting Nougat (Android 7) soon enough. Even if this device were to only get two years of support, then the smart people realized that they only paid a fraction of what some other users paid a lot more. Also let's get real with our devices. Does anyone give a real crap whether a smartphone is maintained for 5 years? Especially when the vast majority fit in two categories when purchasing a smartphone. They will buy a newer device after their contract runs out, or they will purchase a new lower to mid range device. This is what the vast majority of the population do when purchasing a smartphone. Sure there are others that don't fit those two purchasing senerios.
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