Thanks to EU, 1GB/s mobile broadband is around the corner

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Thanks to EU, 1GB/s mobile broadband is around the corner
LTE is still unavailable, but the European Union is planning to invest in the next generation technology. A consortium called ARTISTS4G will be given a modest grant of 18mln EUR that they are supposed to re-distribute to companies that have declared their interest in developing the technology. The ultimate goal is transfer rates of 1GB/s right on the handset in your hand. Well, certainly not on the one you are holding now, that´s for sure. Of course, this is peak bandwidth that probably won´t be available everywhere, but we will be as happy as can be if we get even half of it. This means we will finally see our website loading in no time. All kidding aside, we congratulate the EU on their decision and hope the LTE networks get deployed soon.

source: The Register


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1. tshow84

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half of it? give me a tenth and im happy...

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