Ten million iPhone mark coming at the end of the year - or perhaps now?

We knew that the iPhone was a popular consumer item, however the device may have already reached the ten million mark...
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11. unregistered

First thing... that's 10+ million shipped. Not purchased. Second thing... it's global figures. Third Thing... The Blackberry Storm is going to kill the iPhone in functionality. The Storm is a true Smartphone. The iPhone just pretends to be one.

13. unregistered

I would like to see how many are actually in use and also how many were exchanged. I end user could have gone through two or three due to exchanges. Also how many other companys base numbers off items that have left their warehouse instead of sold to consumers? Hypothetically i could ship 10,000,000 turds all over the world but does that make it a good product and mean people will purchase all 10 mill?

8. jrcrow unregistered

Yes..millions and billions served..like Mcd's..great marketing to bring you to Apple! Lol..im happy with my LG Vu n ATT

14. unregistered

how bout the fact that it's a smart phone selling 10 million

15. unregistered

Its hardly a smartphone with its lack of productivity compared to other smartphone standards on todays market. (i.e. Can't do simple functions like cut and paste.) And it didn't sell 10 million... it produced 10 million, BIG differance! Yes, the over all figures in terms of sales are anything less than outstanding... but in no way the current sales even close to the 10 million mark.

35. unregistered

many dont know how a smart phone differs from normal phone, for all the people think iphone is a smartphone go and check few sites like wikipedia when the nokia 5800 released for $390, fanboys have to go and wipe dust on iphone stocks

18. unregistered

it is hilarious how many I PHONE HATERS come to this site on a daily basis and bash the living snot out of anything that says Apple on it. If you chose to have an I Phone and love your phone, great for you. If you dont have one because you are supporting the more superior network and 3g coverage, good for you as well. I also work for Verizon Wireless, and I was upset we didnt originally get this phone, it would have caused a TON of people to switch and never ever look back again to their old provider. It was a bad move, but I understand VZWs stance on the whole thing, and if I was in that position to make that decision ( not too far away from it now actually ) I would have had to do the same thing....rejected. No insurance??? Not good at all. Yeah the profit splits off the phone we outrageous but the contract residuals would more than make up for that in the first 3 months. But VZW is coming with the Storm. It has a Blackberry Run Apps Store just like the Apple device. It will have copy and paste out the box, be supported on the nations BEST and LARGEST 3g Network, it will have better resolution and more enhanced web browsing experience. No, there is no Wi Fi but VZW customers who had the Wi Fi on their i760s and 6800s were registered at using the wi fi about 9% of the time they spent on the net anyway since the Network had them covered. Laugh now. Switch later.

19. unregistered

Did you happend to read this article on phonearena? Apparently passing on the iPhone may be affecting Verizon more than they thought, and that the Instinct might be an iPhone killer afterall. A study by NPD Group found that nearly a third of AT&T's iPhone 3G customers came from other carriers, and in a further breakdown they go on to reveal that nearly half of those customers came from Verizon. T-Mobile customers accounted for 24% and Sprint just 19% of the defectors; the two combined were less than VZW lost by itself. The numbers may be surprising on the surface, but Verizon's notorious nickle and diming, continued lock down on hardware and software and empty promises of an open network look to be finally catching up with them. The customers have spoken, but will they be heard? Doesnt sound like vzw made the right choice in "rejecting" the Iphone. I guess ppl like you (or ppl "not too far away from it now actually.") will continue to brand the vzw name with justifiable obscenities.

20. unregistered


22. unregistered

I agree...I'm getting so damn tired of their pricing. I'm switching to AT&T! Take that VZW!

28. unregistered

ouch. one customer. haha go cry about it to ur mommy to go buy you a new phone cause u cant afford

29. Big Moe unregistered

I don't think anyone really hates the iPhone. Everyone hates how a good product like the iPhone settled for a service like At&t. I'm sure you've heard the expression, "Your phone is only as good as the network it's on!". Therefore, taking that into consideration, the Apple iPhone may be great, but the At&t iPhone is definitely questionable. Give me an iPhone with Sprint or Verizon Wireless(rather have VZW) and I'l' leave my current carrier for it. Sorry VZW but Sprint has a pretty good network. GO VZW!!!

36. unregistered

iphone is good product if it is released for about $300 apple is using stupidity of people to have abnormal profits production all other costs of iphone is about $200

38. vzw fanboy unregistered

well you ppl must be poor if you cant afford a cellphone bill ;-J. also why dont you iphone lovers just get the ipod touch! then just use verizons network for a reliable cell phone! lol

47. unregistered

i think #42 is talking buying the phone off the shelf not paying the bill , those network carriers putting limitations what we choose , why cant same phone be available in many carriers????

33. unregistered

oh~~how i love to watch iphone fans and hater fight comments~~~priceless~

39. vzw fanboy unregistered

lol, imagine if there was no verizon, these boards would be so empty. i dont hear any sprint or tmobile fans out there :-?

45. unregistered

Actually, we ARE out there. The difference is, we don't try to screw up every single forum with bs propaganda about how our carrier is the best. We realize that it would make us look stupid and immature and that anyone with a reasonable supply of brain cells would see through our crap and ignore our opinions because they show absolutely no objectivity and are clearly agenda driven. I like Sprint because I get great service, a much better value and a better phone. Somehow I don't feel the need to go on every board and scream about it. That's because for many others, T-mobile, AT&T, or VZW might be better FOR THEM. When you refuse to consider that your pecious carrier may not be the best for every person, you show yourself for what you are: a true fanboy.

49. unregistered

I have sprint and my cousin has tmobile, and there the best! If you dont agree meet me by bill's pizza place at 8 o'clock, and we will settle this once and for all!! j/k felt that i wanted to get in the thread. (i really dont like pizza either)

50. vzw fanboy unregistered

lol ha and theres the awesome ppl like me who dont give a crap! if you read these articles and posts, then speak your mind, dont just wait for me to mention your cell phone company! lol. ive always said whatever carrier works for you get it. you dont have to call me a fan boy, thats why i put it in the user name so ppl dont have to call me it. duh

51. unregistered

Nobody knows you were talking to.. Wow! Nice grammer, these are the retards selling celluar serveice to America. No wonder most Americans are ignorant to celular technology. You can thank number 57 for poluting the American gene pool.

52. anonymouss unregistered

Who are you talking to? and what are you talking about?
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