Tado's new smart thermostat can be controlled via Siri and Alexa

At IFA 2016, Tado announced a third-generation smart thermostate. Named the same as the company that produced it, the Tado comes with support for Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo platforms, which means one can control their home heating by speaking to the Siri or Alexa smart assistants. The thermostat is also integrated with If This Then That, and the new generation features improved energy efficiency algorithms.

Together with the new thermostat, Tado also showcased smart radiotar controls that let you control the temperature of individual heating zones. They can be paired with a thermostat or work independently, connected to your smartphone.

The new thermostat will be available this month for around $199 cash, or on a monthly payment basis. The smart radiator system kit will arrive in October, sold for $180 or available on rent. Each additional smart valve costs an extra $60.

via Engadget



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