T-Mobile's lower-tier 200 MB data plan delayed

T-Mobile's lower-tier 200 MB data plan delayed
T-Mobile is planning on releasing new tiered data plans for smartphones on their network, but the lower-tier, $10 per month plan with 200 MB of data is getting delayed for reasons that remain unknown.

The new tiered data plans were supposed to become available today, November 3rd. However, this internal document that our buddies over at TmoNews got their hands on shows that this has been delayed.

According to the leaked notice, T-Mobile will be communicating the new launch date sometime in early November. This could be only a matter of days from now. It is unclear what caused the delay, but at some point these plans will be released and made available for the public to take advantage of. As previously reported, the $30 unlimited data option will remain intact. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

source: TmoNews via Slash Phone



4. BMC unregistered

I am also waiting to see if they extend 200 mb plan for all phones. If they did, I will go with HD7, otherwise it is going to be a WP7 from AT&T with thier 200 mb plan. Hope folks at T-mobile realize that most people dont use a lot of web on phone, but still want to own a smart phone and not willing to contract $30/month for 2 years.

3. longtimetmobile unregistered

I have read elsewhere that the reason for the delay is that T mobile has decided to extend the $10 200mb plan to all phones. I hope this is true since i use WIFI for almost all of my data needs and will not pay $30 for a data plan.

2. ant1171984

Posts: 12; Member since: Nov 03, 2010

@ oddmanout I COMPLETLEY agree. I am considering switching to T-mobile. The $69.99 plan with 1K minutes, unlimited n/w & unlimited data attracks me but then I heard about the tiered 200 MB plan and with at&t that was perfect for me because I used wifi 65% of the time so it was great & cut data cost but then I learned it wouldn't apply to the higher end smartphones.....which is STUPID. Hopefully the delay indeed is a re-consideration of this decison.

1. oddmanout

Posts: 443; Member since: May 22, 2009

Hopefully the delay is from t-mobile changing the new plans. I personally don't agree with them. The tiered pricing should be available to all phones. Not just the low end smartphones and feature phones. In fact I find it somewhat pointless because feature phones were already given the option for unlimited web for $10. Also because competition wise, all the other carriers will have them beat when it comes to having the cheapest bill for smartphones. A lot of people will disagree with me but if you compare plans for a 2 year commitment of a smartphone with unlimited text, sprint is the cheapest at $70, at&t and verizon at $75, and t-mobile at $80. Why tier data on a low end smartphone when you can go to any other carrier and get a highend smartphone for the same price? T-mobile is in no position to be charging more than the competition.

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