T-Mobile’s John Legere wastes no time railing on Sprint’s new plans

When Sprint’s new CEO Marcelo Claure made the announcement of changes he planned on...
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Hesse had only one real big mistake and that is over paying for a slowing trending phone. Had he beefed up the network in lieu of over paying for the iPhone Sprint would have been better off.

42. downphoenix

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Not to mention they would have still gotten the iphone, except a little later on, they would have had Apple begging at their door instead of the other way around.

40. Slammer

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I'm rather disappointed in you. Your first few days as a new PA member showed some promising attributes that could be used to offset most of the adolescent posters that frequent here. However, as of lately, you have gone above and beyond to make every effort to denounce Sprint. Yet, you admit to not being a customer of it for a long time? This is the very exact thing that makes me shake my head. People come into these sites and make conjectured statements that in most cases are not warranted to the extreme. Over 50 Million people are customers of Sprint including myself that have found Sprint to be the Goldilocks and the three bears of wireless. Not needing huge, but needing more than small. Individuals spouting off at how great T-Mobile reaches a dead end when you consider its very limited native coverage as opposed to Sprint's. Test driving T-Mobile two months ago, proved to be an oxymoron of perception. I really enjoyed the experience within certain parts of the city. But, 13 miles out, I completely lost everything. My Sprint phone kept me connected all through my 350 mile round trip. Only twice did I roam on VZW. And even then, data is accessible through roaming in spite of what people think. This equates to having service almost anywhere. T-Mobile cannot make this claim. It is this point that people really need to show more respect on what Sprint is trying to accomplish and what it can do. I have been averaging roughly 14Mbs download and 8 up. I find this quite usable regardless if people don't find the speeds to their liking. The media is a master at sensationalism. Sprint seems to be the battered child because the media wants to focus on a CEO filled with childish sound bites(John Legere). However, if Sprint is behind in reviews, it isn't by a large margin. And it is starting to make a profit which is essential for growth. With a new owner, new CEO and a new network still under construction, Sprint and its huge holdings of spectrum, has the means to deliver the most comprehensive network in the country. But....It takes time and it takes patience. But, really here. The whole bone of contention is you feeling obligated to dismiss a carrier you admittedly haven't been with for a long time. I respect that you like and use AT&T. But frankly, when I suffered a dibilitating injury, AT&T refused to work with me and dropped me and my family like I meant nothing to them. When my wife was in a coma and recovering, Sprint worked with me every step of the way. Creating payment arrangements that were affordable until we were financial capable again. I believe this speaks loud and clear that Sprint isn't all bad. John B.

28. Guti986

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I feel the same way, believe me. When i was in NYC i had no problems. and down here in miami had minor problems while they built everything out but since the end of last year have only been glad i stuck around. hopefully the changes being put foward will have a much greater positive effect than some zombie troll's negative tweets

23. OldNorseBruin

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Ouch! Ha, ha...pretty funny stuff from John!


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this dude is hilarious

32. npaladin2000

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Sprint needs to finish their BRS deployment. Which, unfortunately for them, is a horribly expensive proposition.

38. lilg29

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John is so funny, If I could I'd convince the family to switch over to t mobile.

41. Slammer

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Switching to a carrier just because the CEO is "Funny." Even MasterCard wouldn't be accepted for this statement. John B.

39. mike2959

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TMO is bad as Sprint. I went and tried them for 30 days. Northeast Ohio, Cleveland....unless I'm in the downtown area it's border line unusable. I don't understand the koolaid everyone is drinking because even their own coverage maps show the terrible coverage.

43. phillyundead

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I get fantastic coverage all over southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. T-Mobile also did mention not too long ago something about making all of their coverage at least 4g. T-Mobile is gonna be a giant in a year or two along side of att and Verizon if they stay on the path they're on.

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