T-Mobile's HSPA+ 42Mbps network faster than Verizon's 4G LTE in 11 cities

While PC Magazine;s speed test showed that T-Mobile's HSPA 42Mbps network bested Verizon's 4G LTE service in 11 cities, overall Big Red's pielines had the faster speeds when including both download and upload speeds...
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57. Forsaken77

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That kinda is normal though for Verizons' LTE. The average is about 4-5. Verizon just throws up a tower and says that they cover the entire area. They're more about quantity over quality. They're the best, hands down, as far as voice services go. They have the best coverage in that area. But for data, where speed counts, I would say AT&T has them beat by a big margin. Not only is AT&T's LTE faster, but in alot of cases their HSPA+ is just as fast as Verizons LTE. And that's the backup coverage! And it's funny... I've seen commercials from Verizon, AT&T, and T Mobile all claiming they have the biggest 4G network. Sprint just claims it had the first 4G network, lol. I'm disappointed that this study didn't include any of AT&T's HSPA+ speeds in there, only LTE and 3G. Their HSPA+ network is much, much bigger than their LTE market.

60. KingKurogiii

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dude, no it's not, i have a Droid Razr, Droid Razr MAXX & a Droid Charge and i used to have a Droid Bionic, a Stratosphere and a Thunderbolt and none of them have ever seen scores that low on LTE. did a speedtest just now on my Razr and it got 11.90/2.64 with 118ms of ping and 2-3 bars i'll add. your claims are simply untrue. Verizon claims to have the largest LTE network which they do. AT&T makes a sly play by saying they have the largest 4G network, they're counting HSPA+ & LTE, T-Mobile claims they also have the largest 4G network and that's true too because their HSPA+ network is bigger than any of them individually.

67. barterpc

Posts: 5; Member since: Jun 19, 2013

Actually it's normal. Verizon has had fantastic burst rates but as far as conistency it's been questionable. This has been noted of Verizon since the beginning of it'd LTE roll out. However for mobility nationwide Verizon has had the lead hands down and AT&T doesn't even compare. Not that it matters really, since the Notheastern BOC buyout by Verizon they and AT&T have been tied at the hip in every way, much the same way "Apple & Microsoft" have been in order to keep the market locked till now. Problem is T-Mobile is coming up quickly and is starting to put Verizon to shame. That combined with the MetroPCS merger is going to start to put Verizon on notice.

59. facts&truth

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Well forsaken, they were not going to add Att's hspa+. Their speeds are average but good. Hspa+ on big blue is only 21 mbps and the average high 4-6 megs with some highs around 7- 11, but not often. Mr. King, I'll ask you this, who's 4g network has crashed several time as well as dropped off on speeds a couple times. Let's get over the hype and advertising ads. Typical Americans. Att has the most solid 4g network right now. Just get over it and yourselves. Every dog has it's day and Verizon will not stay king of the Hill forever. If you think so, your a fool. Consider how simple and impressionable most Americans minds are. This for everyone, please don't be over devoted to a company that cares nothing about you. Even if they pay you, it's an even exchange.

61. KingKurogiii

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i'll tell you like i tell anyone who's foolish enough to bring up the crashes Verizon had being the first to do a mass roll-out of LTE technology. we've had just a handful of days of outage out of the 400+ days it's been up and that's all we've given in exchange for an aggressive rollout that's given us over twice as much coverage as AT&T. yeah, i don't think i'll mind a little bumpy ride. at least some people can actually HAVE LTE to go down on Verizon when they can't on AT&T. the drop off in speed isn't consistent network wide, it's only where LTE adoption is higher. i'm devoted to whoever gives me the best service and as long as i've had Verizon they've been consistently reliable. if there's ever a good enough reason for me to switch i'd certainly go to T-Mobile.

68. barterpc

Posts: 5; Member since: Jun 19, 2013

Anyone who thinks that someone with Verizon's history and skillset should be crashing left and right should think about what they're saying. Yes they did a massive roll-outs and yes it's been superior compared to Average. But you have to remember we're talking about Verizon. They have the labor, skills, money, and so on to do a massive roll-out as easy as whistling dixie. So for them to mess up a little bit shows a failing in their business. Which is something I've said for a long time. Vesting too much of their energy in all the cookie jars they have and not prioritizing. Thus things such as their core cellular business and Fios (where they have good competition) are suffering. What they need to do is start really focusing much more of their model on the businesses that will build the future infrastructure and start shying away from their dated stuff. Because it takes money and it's nice to say the money is there for everything. But reality is it isn't.

63. zarminamalik

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I'll stick with Verizon. Just ran a speed test: - 39ms ping - 27.64 Mbps down - 17.03 Mbps up I raced my friends AT&T 4G phone in a busy downtown area mid-day and it smoked it. Wasn't even close. AT&T data was crawling and usually is in a highly population dense area.

66. barterpc

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I think these diiscussions are ridiculous because of the misinformation they contain, on top of all the ludicrous claims. 1) Verizon has the biggest network yes and T-Mobile at least for now is only the fourth largest carrier (which considering they just merged with MetroPCS says alot). However, Verizons network is not by far the fastest growing, in fact T-Mobile probably represents a pretty fast growing segment of the market and will probably grow even faster with the jump to LTE. Because as it stands the biggest obstacle in the carrier wars has always been the type of signal used and CDMA always had the better strength, until LTE came along. 2) Sprint's WiMax is far from dead. For some people who need a $30 or $20 or under plans WiMax will continue to be funded through Virgin Mobile, Boost, Clear, Netzero, and Freedompop .. at least until sprint converts wholly to LTE. 3) Plus number 2 makes a pretty good point about Verizon's dominance in this case. Much of Verizon's market pull has been about banging out the numbers on it's brand. Most of the people who've been stuck on Verizon's 3G have been bled out to PagePlus, even hacking newer phones to keep the service up. Point being there are lots of people on the Verizon network but not as many being Verizon customers. Keeping in line with this trend as more providers jump on the LTE bandwagon and they will Verizon will see a drop there. Because most people have already resolved to going with 2nd best rather then being nickled and dimed. This also has the result of the IBM effect. The events that made IBM king of mainframes was done in the 60s. Univac then the leader said they were unstoppable and they would be coming out with a new model in 5 years. Well in that 5 years IBM came out with models galore, and got loads of feedback. In 5 years that helped IBM topple Univac, the rest is history.

70. barterpc

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One things for sure. I hope peope clear up he misuse of terminology. What verizon, at&t, t-mobile, and so on operate are not towers. They are cell sites. Cell Towers are incorrect terminology picked up by someone seeing a Cell Site installed on a Radio Tower and mistaking the site being the whole thing. Cell Sites are installed in multiple locations, are smaller then full fledged towers, and anyone technically can operate one.
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