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T-Mobile's Cyber Monday deals bring new Windows Phone devices at zero, cuts prices on Androids

0. phoneArena posted on 26 Nov 2012, 09:20

Today is Cyber Monday, the second-biggest shopping day in the year after Black Friday, and you know what this means, right? Get ready for deals…

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posted on 26 Nov 2012, 13:09

1. g2a5b0e (Posts: 3814; Member since: 08 Jun 2012)

T-Mobile needs to get it together. They're trying to migrate all their customers to the Value Plan which is a wonderful concept, yet they keep running deals on the Classic Plan only.

posted on 26 Nov 2012, 20:24

6. Nadr1212 (Posts: 741; Member since: 22 Sep 2012)

Yeah, like my parent r REALLY gonna get me something that has to do with them being "tricked", (at least that's what they think)

posted on 26 Nov 2012, 14:53

2. lubba (Posts: 1313; Member since: 17 Jan 2011)

The sale is a fluke! Its for adding a line or new customers. Nothing for those who are allegable for an upgrade.

posted on 26 Nov 2012, 16:23

3. PostmanLV (Posts: 18; Member since: 11 Sep 2012)

yeah I was in til I learned it's not for upgrades

posted on 26 Nov 2012, 17:42

4. Droiddoes (unregistered)

Oh Tmobile, always with the fine print...

posted on 26 Nov 2012, 18:42

5. MC1123 (Posts: 1256; Member since: 12 Nov 2012)

i wonder how many HTC 8X sold across 3 carriers... and versus to lumia 920 which is only available on AT&T but only $99 while this one is $199.... and also the lumia, 820, 810 ans 822

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