T-Mobile's 3G maps go live

T-Mobile's 3G maps go live
For all that have the luxury of T-Mobile's recently launched 3G service, the company's 3G coverage maps are now available on their website for your viewing pleasure. With the launch of 27 markets by the end of the year and the upcoming release of the G1, the 3G euphoria is spreading with each passing day. Check out the maps on T-Mobile's website, and for those that don't have 3G, cross your fingers and hope it arrives soon.

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1. LMAO@T Mobile unregistered

thats soooo sad....by next year VZW will launch LTE and T Mobile is just now launching 3g. PLus VZW is 80% of America coverage, the largest 3g network out there.

2. rj04 unregistered

Nobody will see LTE until atleast 2010. You don't know anything about the technology behind LTE if you think it will be launched in 2009. T-mobile is a very efficiently run company and not having 3G until now hasn't hurt their bottom line. Considering that all the other major companies have had 3G and 3.5G for some time, that alone should tell you what a good company T-mobile is. A lot of people will be jumping ship to T-mobile over the next year.

3. unregistered

Tmobile is a great service provider....I use to have excellent call quailty when sticking my head outside my window to make a call lol

10. stan unregistered

that's so bs. Verizon does not own their own spectrum for over 60% of its coverage. For eg. they claim to provide full coverage in OK, but you can't get a VZW service phone in Oklahoma City. Why? Their website says"We don't provide service in this market". This market??? your map says otherwise. This is misleading.

11. vzw fanboy unregistered

well i believe it and since i am a fanboy haha lol. i always had my phone open when i traveled to tampa, fl from upstate new york, nonstop 24 hour drive and sometimes off the interstate roads, no hotels and i had 3g service 90% of the time. and i only had "extended network" once in west va. also always had reception, the only time my phone said "searching service" was south of binghamton, ny and parts of PA. :-). in upstate New York, verizon beats at&t hands down.

4. unregistered

Sorry Verizon advocates Sprint has the largest 3G footprint...

5. unregistered

last time i chacked verizon advocates that they have the largest 3g coverage....stop with the fabrications

6. unregistered

Im sure that they probably add in alltel and sprints since they all seem to be in the extended network.

8. vzw fanboy unregistered

go to verizons coverage map and there is a link that says 3g comparisons, look at the difference between sprint and verizon, verizon wins, plus almost all verizon phones have a seperate signal strength for ev and 1x.

9. unregistered

anybody can say that they have the largest 3g coverage. doesn't mean its true. if tomorrow you are told that amp'd mobile (which doesn't even exist anymore does it) has the best coverage, would you believe it?

7. B unregistered

You guys are Ridiculously Behind the times, dont you already KNOW that T-Mobile USA Already has the Spectrum Now for LTE AND will be Pulling forward on LTE JUST as Fast as The rest of the COmpanies. Check out this link to Read about how T-Mobile USA is Quickly moving to LTE as a TOP agenda in the USA. http://www.itexaminer.com/t-mobile-demos-mobile-lte.aspx Just as they've always Planned their LTE Network will be in Place as fast as everybody else, VERY AWsome T-Mobile!!! Keep it Going!!! - D

12. unregistered

ooh.. umm.. hate hate hate! oh.. and more hate! about the 4g comment, maybe you should look into who is developing 4g... VODAPHONE, verizon's parent company. Verizon will be the first in the US with 4g. ATT and the like will be about 3 yrs behind, just as you are now. and verizon has by far the largest 3g footprint. there are apples to apples coverage maps everywhere to prove it. its embarrassing how far ahead they are compared to the competition.

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