T-Mobile now has more stores than AT&T

T-Mobile now has more stores than AT&T
When accounting for authorized retailers and dealer exclusivity, T-Mobile might have surpassed AT&T in retail locations. Just two years and change ago T-Mobile was trailing way behind with 3600 brick-and-mortar locations, but then CEO John Legere's big Un-carrier transformation spearheaded a plan and phone price war that made T-Mobile everyone's favorite underdog.

That's no doubt been aided by the huge retail expansion - constantly adding stores, T-Mobile has now grown to an estimated 5300 locations, while AT&T's retail footprint has remained steady from December 2015, to an estimated 5200 this month as well. Needless to say, Verizon is the top dog not only when it comes to subscribers, but also retail presence, as it is currently said to have 7400 stores throughout the good ol' USA.


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