T-Mobile to restrict 3G data usage to 1GB a month

T-Mobile to restrict 3G data usage to 1GB a month
The fine print on the bottom of T-Mobile G1’s 3G page reveals interesting but not cool details about T-Mobile U.S., limiting the 3G usage the clients. If your data usage is more than 1GB for a month, your speed may be reduced to 50kbps or less. This is sub-EDGE speed and times slower than the 3G one would expect to use.

source: T-Mobile via Gizmodo



1. unregistered

Guess their network doesn't really have the stone to run the device.

2. unregistered

What network??? LOL!

3. Black93300ZX unregistered

AT&T's network doesn't have the stone to run iPhone 3G, but they don't restrict it at all, instead people whine and complain about horrible 3G speeds and a terrible amount of dropped calls switching between networks, so I guess that's better than restricting after 1GB. That's why AT&T has to completely rebuild right now, fix all of their problems and upgrade their 3G services... But I'd rather wait months for it to be fixed than have my speed lowered. ???

4. unregistered

yea...with their amazing "network" this is going to be funny lol. and if you go over you are right back to where it all began lol....15 mins to load google on a sidekick hahaha

5. Armo unregistered

i know u were exxagerating but it takes 5-7 seconds for google to load which isnt bad AT ALL for a non 3G phone. and im pretty sure tmobile will kick this rule out, or wont really enforce it cuz then wats the point of their "unlimited" data plan.

6. unregistered

wtf r u talkin about ? hes right, r u exxagerating ? 5 to 7 seconds....dont think so. its not 15 mins obviously he was being sarcastic. but its also not 5 to 7 seconds at all. what device are you using and you must be in NYC or somethin where coverage is outstanding

16. Armo unregistered

im not exxagerating. i just did it again and it took 6 seconds this time. i use the sidekick slide and im in phoenix, az.

7. unregistered

You cant even get on the website to pre-order, order or anything WTF! Why have a product release press conference without the device being available..even in the store????????

8. unregistered

i was going to preorder this phone yesterday but my bill is past due so they wouldnt let me, thank u tmobile i dont think im ordering one now!!! hahaha

9. unregistered

pay your bill...wow what a concept!

10. unregistered

my late fee is .5%, i make 13% on my investments, why would i pay my bill on time?

11. unregistered

so you can order a phone, duh! I ordered mine yesterday

12. unregistered


15. unregistered

its $35 punk!

13. G unregistered

UPDATE: THey've recalled the 1 gig cap on 3G Service and no longer lists it in the Details on the Website. Check it out. - D

14. unregistered

freaking awsom man!!!!!! i luv tmobile, i hate tmobile, i luv tmobile!!

17. unregistered

hey investment boy! you intrestt for you "investments " are not coumponded monthly, late fees are!

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