T-Mobile to receive an Asustek Nuvifone that supports the AWS band?

T-Mobile to receive an Asustek Nuvifone that supports the AWS band?
There seems to be something brewing around Asustek when some news surfaced regarding a possible handset that would work on T-Mobile’s own AWS band for 3G connectivity (1700/2100 MHz). The information was found in a filing to the FCC and one can only speculate what kind of device it might come out to become. With the Garmin Nuvifone G60 not becoming the handset they envisioned, thanks partly to long delays and unflattering experience, Asustek must be scrambling to really get its name out through T-Mobile’s customers. If everything does pan out accordingly, we would hope that Asustek really comes out packing with an impressive phone that’ll release bad memories of their last encounter with the Nuvifone G60 for AT&T at bay. With CES only days away, hopefully there will be more information shed on this new filing.

source: FCC via Cell Phone Signal


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1. kilari

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Their only hope is to jump on the Android bandwagon, release a version of 2.1 with the Garmin navigation interface. Leave Winmo and their own version of Linux behind. Stand on the shoulders of geniuses, or something.

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