T-Mobile now offers the BlackBerry Pearl Flip

T-Mobile now offers the BlackBerry Pearl Flip
Starting today, T-Mobile USA offers the first BlackBerry phone in a folding form-factor, the Pearl Flip 8220. It can be purchased online, in retail stores and select authorized dealers for $150 with a two-year contract. It is now available in black but if you are fan of the red, such variant is expected to be offered “in the coming weeks”.  

The Pearl Flip is a quad-band GSM (no 3G) with Wi-Fi, which can be used both for T-Mobile’s Unlimited HotSpot Calling service and for browsing the web. It is touted not only for the typical BlackBerry features (read: e-mail, QWERTY) but also for the multimedia-friendly character of the Pearl family. It has 2.4” QVGA main display, 2MP camera, 3.5mm stereo jack, stereo Bluetooth and microSD slot.

RIM BlackBerry Pearl Flip Specifications

source: T-Mobile



1. unregistered

Personal I think this phone looks ugly and unappealling.

3. :) unregistered

Actually its very nice and 71% of the market prefer flip phones this one is quite a unique one take it or leave it you just may be one of the29% who don't!

2. unregistered

cool but nobody asked u

8. :P unregistered

Idiots like you don't have to ask but need to know!

11. niyah unregistered

okay and..

4. unregistered

Options = Good

5. unregistered

# 2 Don't be an ass, they are just sharing some info, If you don't like it move on. If you don't people can say they dont care bout your post either... its not like you matter to anyone.

6. unregistered

The 8230 will be might next phone most likely, I must be the only sick of touch screens.........

7. unregistered

your not the only one, touch screens are really starting to get annoying

9. unregistered

yeah i do agree that the touch screen keyboards are very annoying to text or send e-mails with, but otherwise, they're fun to play around with

10. unregistered

i forgot to mention that this phone is pretty nice

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