T-Mobile not carrying Bold, sticking to Javelin?

T-Mobile not carrying Bold, sticking to Javelin?
According to a high level individual at T-Mobile, the company will not be carrying the Bold, BlackBerry News reports. Instead, the company will focus its efforts on the EDGE-based QWERTY Bold equivalent, the BlackBerry Javelin 8900, as well as the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 8220. It is always possible that the company will release a variant of the Bold, however the situation is unlikely.

Though many will be disappointed that the Bold won't be coming to T-Mobile, future Pearl 8220 users will be happy to know that the device will support 6 way calling. So parents, be sure to watch those minutes!

Source: BlackBerry News



1. Aaron11 unregistered

Fine by me.

2. cartmanez unregistered

not cool. they should just make a quad-band UMTS phone. That way, they'd be the first to make a quad-band UMTS and capture a bigger market.

3. unregistered

6 way calling? good lord, that's a conference call into itself

4. unregistered

Why would they carry the Bold unless they developed a variant with AWS? "Now from T-Mobile, the Blackberry Bold, the first GSM 3G Blackberry*" *But you can't use our 3G

5. unregistered


6. unregistered

Who the hell wants 6 way calling I dont even use 3 way calling this concept is stupid

7. unregistered

The 8220 is not better than the BOLD!!!! T Mobile what are you guys thinking I will have taken the BOLD any day other than the Pearl 8220. The G1 is not going to make me extend my contract for an upgrade but the BOLD may have made me extend my contract for 3 years!! Too bad I just may have to go to at&t now

8. some guy unregistered

the 8220 isnt supposed to be better than the Bold

9. unregistered

NO DAH That is specifically why I was wondering out of all the new blackberries that are being released why does T Mobile have to get the 8220. I never said that the 8220 was better than the BOLD dude!!!! I WANT THE BOLD

10. Aaron11 unregistered

I don't need 3G and would prefer the 3.2 MP camera on the Javelin. Bold is far too bulky. People have just heard about the Bold so much and sites likes this and engadget have shoved it down peoples throats so much that now BB people think they need it. :) I suppose the option would be nice. However, don't count out a Blackberry 9020 with TMo 3G in the future. ;)

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