T-Mobile launches Samsung T229

T-Mobile launches Samsung T229
Today, Samsung officially announced that T-Mobile is now offerings a new budget clamshell, the T229. We broke the news on it back in March, but from the angle-view image then, we didn’t notice what distinguishes it from the crowd – it has asymmetrical design when closed and its display occupies rather the right half instead of the center.

Otherwise, the T229 is just another entry level phone. It is available for $29.99 with a two-year contract.

source: Samsung



1. mog unregistered

Dear T-Mo/Samsung: Most phones are symmetrical for a reason. This thing is fugly. Even ignoring the lack of symmetry, just look at the massive grey border(s) around the outer screen, and the awkward "notched" keypad design. And the camera on the front just looks like some sort of alien growth. I know it's low-end. But that doesn't mean it has to be ugly. I have an even-lower-end Samsung Spex R210 that looks positively gorgeous in comparison. What bothers me is that there's no reason for it. At all. Why is the display off-center? There's no media playback buttons in that gap next to it, no carrier logos, nothing. Good design costs nothing. I think this phone will be a flop. Luckily, T-Mobile has about 9,512 other low-end Samsung flips to take its place...

2. unregistered

I recently upgraded to the Samsung t-229 and absolutely love it! I had the t-219 prior to this one. I think it is a very classy looking phone and see no fault with the design at all. The most improved feature from the 219 to the 229 is the speaker phone. The 229 is 10 times better than the 219. I can put it in my lap and still hear the person I'm talking to and they hear me fine as well. The hands free devise that comes with it is much improved as well. I have had Samsung phones for years and will continue to upgrade to them.

3. unregistered

I planned on upgrading from the t229 which was the phone that came 'free' with my contract. Having used it for about a week now, I've decided to keep it. It's a really great little phone and I personally like the look of it ;)

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