T-Mobile announced the new Sidekick

T-Mobile announced the new Sidekick
As it was expected, today T-Mobile announced the new addition to its Sidekick line. Surprisingly, the new model is called Sidekick only, instead of wearing the 2008 number as it was said in rumors. It has the typical for the series design language but comes with smaller dimensions and respectively screen (2.6” instead of 3”) which nevertheless, is still with WQVGA resolution. Other features include Stereo Bluetooth support, 2-megapixel camera with video recording capability and a microSD slot. The most interesting one though, is the option to use colorful shells, to change the way the device looks. There is a large collection available at http://sidekickshells.com/ but the site also offers the option to design custom one yourself. The new Sidekick is now available for purchase for $150 with a two-year contract.

T-Mobile Sidekick Review

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1. Junior unregistered

T-Mobile needs to get a new flagship phone. Sidekicks are old news now. I will say this is a good upgrade from the Sidekick iD. Still, when Danger upgrades the line of Sidekicks, they fail to innovate. It's been the same thing for the past 5 years. And when they do release a new Sidekick, it's pretty much just catching up with features that other companies have already updated on. Danger and T-Mobile are too slow, not to mention T-Mobile is horrible. Just my two cents.

4. unregistered

They released the Rokr and have upcoming phones like the Diamond and 'Tilt' according to PhoneArena so at least its an effort. I know that I would get a sidekick if it was more innovative and maybe somehow they pulled it off as a smartphone?

13. Junior unregistered

True. And the ROKR is the only exclusive phone of that batch. My friend, you would be able to put a Sidekick in with the big leaguers if it were a smart phone. I would probably say it'd be cool to have a touch screen Sidekick, but honestly, I really don't think a 'touch' aspect fits the Sidekick.

2. unregistered

agreed..i always hear about a new sidekick, and when i see pics and reviews...its exactly the same as the prior...i know if it aint broke dont fix it..but they need to find another phone to compliment it..like the env 2 or the voyager...iphone and the vu...tmobile has what..the sidekick annnddd...they need to innovate and create something..instead of new sidekicks that are just twins seperated at birth

3. unregistered

I do have to say though... the ''shells'' look pretty cool.

5. pHx

Posts: 15; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

you need good multimedia support to attract young people... not only cool shells

6. primewax unregistered

I can pull off almost the same thing with skins for my Verizon phones. Not quite as cool but it's not with T-Mobile so it's worth it lol

7. unregistered

HEY! T-Mobile! GET A TOUCH SCREEN PHONE!!! They need some competition with the iPhone!

8. unregistered

there is more to the sidekick than just how it looks, i love my kick, i have had one since the original (had a 1, 2, dwade, lx and now...maybe this one too??) ...there is no other phone that can do for me what it does...and i have looked...the aim and yahoo messenger -- the software on a whole, the keyboard is better than all the others, i would not want it to be a smartphone, i would not want a sidekick with windows...:o(... everything is so easy to get to, and i will never switch..although, improvements can be made (3g, better video quality, etc...and of course,...tmobiles network as well.) just my opinion..

11. Junior unregistered

You do realize this isn't an upgrade to your LX, right? If you were to get this new Sidekick, you would actually be down grading.

9. dizzle86 unregistered

i agree that this is anything impressive to most of us that follow phones, but what t-mobile is doing is very similar in nature to what apple is doing with the iphone... change something about a previous phone slap a new color on it and people will flock... i personally am an anti-fan to the sidekick, but they are gonna end up selling a ton of these just because it has interchangeable shells... as for me i'll stick to using a phone that gives me all i want, instead of finding one that is used a fashion statement.... too old for that now

10. unregistered

There are some awesome shells with biohazard signs, but I'm not a messaging freak and this is actually the very point of the phone...

12. Junior unregistered

Biohazard signs? Are we still in the 90's? I didn't know they were still cool.

14. unregistered

which is better: this or sidekick slide?

15. unregistered

all hands down this phone is the best... one of my coworkers already has the phone and when i looked at it the graphics are sick and the camera is clearer than any phone out there... i wish that they had that camera for every phone that exsits

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